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beautiful and healthy turf

Tips on How to Take Good Care of Your Sports Turf in All Seasons

Tips on How to Take Good Care of Your Sports Turf in All Seasons

beautiful and healthy turf

beautiful and healthy turf

The sports field should be well maintained irrespective of the season you are in. Therefore, whether a school field or your clubs sports field, it is important to know the all season artificial field maintenance tips. As you know, the artificial grass demands less maintenance compared to the natural grass fields. However, this does not mean you should not take good care of the artificial sports field throughout the season. In this article, we review some of the tips you need to have at your fingertips when it comes to taking care of the artificial grass in all seasons. Lets rock and roll!

  1. Keep the Artificial Sports Field Clean

When it comes to taking care of your sports field, cleaning it is one of the basic approaches. Of course, being a low maintenance landscaping approach, cleaning the sports turf might mean just dusting it off. This is through the use of a garden hose and raking the leaves that fall off especially in summer. It is always a good idea to do this at least once a week for the busy sports turf and at least twice a month when it is less busy.

  1. Keep the Artificial Grass Groomed No matter the Season

If the artificial field is busier especially during the seasons when you have snow, you will notice that the synthetic field flattens out a bit since the last time you gave it some grooming. Just like the natural grass, the blades do flatten out a bit in the sports getting more traffic. Whereas this is normal grooming the artificial grass it will immediately look great again. Use a broom, a brush or a plastic lake to groom the synthetic grass.

  1. Check the Synthetic Grass for Weeds

Mostly, weeds aren’t an issue when it comes to the synthetic grass. This is actually the reason why many people want to have the synthetic fields. However, it is possible having the weeds grow around the edges of the lawn. Keep checking for these weeds and remove them.

  1. Check for Seams and Look for Damages

The synthetic turf is a durable landscaping choice that lasts up to 20 years and above. If installed correctly, it will not require any pulling. Loosening or sagging spots will need to be repaired often.

  1. Add a Shade

If the synthetic field is not in use for a prolonged period of time, adding a shade is a great maintenance tip. This is especially for the school fields where the field is not in use during summer holidays. Adding a shade to it is an important maintenance step.

  1. Employ a professional Artificial Sports Field Maintenance Expert

A maintenance expert will help in ensuring the sports field is well maintained throughout the seasons. He or she is trained in the best artificial care approaches.

Are you looking for the best professional artificial grass maintenance expert? Contact us today. We have many years of experience providing all season sports turf care.

How to Ensure Low Cost Sports Turf Maintenance

How to Ensure Low-Cost Sports Turf Maintenance

beautiful and healthy turf

beautiful and healthy turf

Sports turf maintenance can sometimes become the most expensive and often it is a nightmare for the turf managers. There are various reasons as to why this is often the case. The most important thing in the sports turf maintenance career is being able to keep the field well maintained and at the budgeted amount. Here are some top tips for ensuring you maintain the sports turf within the stipulated budget.

1. Ensure you Have a Sports Turf Maintenance Plan and adhere to it

Just like in the other management roles, a sports turf maintenance manager needs to have a plan for the task. In the plan, you should ensure you set the priorities on the most important activities. In addition, during the planning, you ought to set thresholds and create a safety checklist. Part of the planning step is also the budgeting which involves deciding how much is to be spent on each of the sports turf maintenance steps. You need to ensure excellent communication during the planning session to ensure that the relevant departments are aware of the role tom play in the sports maintenance process.

2. Adopt a Site Specific Management Program

The sports field comprises different sporting sites. These are the sites where different teams will play and they need a specific maintenance program. To ensure the maintenance is done within the budget and to the right standards, you should plan the maintenance accordingly. This helps in ensuring that you take care of the sports turf in the appropriate manner such that each of the sub-sessions will be properly maintained. Examples of specific sites that need specific management include baseball and softball positional areas, in front of the mound, Doug-out areas, the entry and the exit points. These will need specific care.

3. Consult Professional Sports Turf Maintenance Company

It is also important that you talk to a professional in sports turf maintenance to ensure everything is done within the budget. The specialist understands very well the specific points to look at when taking care of the sports field. As such, it is important for the sports turf managers to hire a qualified sports turf management company.

4. Invest in the Right Equipment

For sports turf management, often it seems like purchasing the equipment will be expensive. However, you ought to ensure that you are using the right equipment for the job. This will, in the long run, lead to cost saving and results in a properly managed sports turf.

Those are some of the tips you should follow when it comes to management of the sports turf. Ensure that you adhere to the set guidelines, adopt the plan and most importantly involve the right skill and equipment for the job. In the long-run, this will lead to cost saving.

Looking for the best sports turf maintenance tips? Consult commonwealth sports turf services today.

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Construction/Renovation of Athletic Fields

Why you Need Sports Turf Manager

Why you Need Sports Turf Manager

Spring is around the corner Preparing Baseball Fields1

Sports Turf management might seem like it is a simple task, but there is more to it than meets the eye. You have to ensure that the sports turf is always ready and playable. In addition, you ought to ensure that the players are comfortable while playing. This, of course, will guarantee you good results and the entire team will be happy. Just because you have learned you need someone to manage the sports field, doesn’t mean you should just hire blindly. You need to go for a professional who understands very well what it takes to manage the sports turf. Basically, this is a professional sports turf manager and not just anyone you think can manage the cleaners. There are very many benefits attached to hiring the professional sports turf manager. So why should every sports field think of employing a professional sports Turf manager? Here are some of the top reasons.

  1. You Are Assured Field Will Be At Best Standards

A professional sports turf is someone with a certificate in sports turf management. someone who understands how the field generally needs to look like and has actually worked in the role previously. Therefore, it is important that you look for talent. This will help to assure you that the field will always be in good shape and at the right time. You don’t need to hire a last minute doer. It is someone with the right knowledge and one who has years of experience on the job.

  1. Ensures Program Consistency

An in-house sports turf manager is readily available and is someone who is committed to the job. You are paying this person to perform the work and so it is important that he or she maintains consistency. This means that your sports turf will always be cleaned, there will be no dangerous debris and that it is in top share and ready to be hired by another team or used by the home team. Basically, the importance of hiring a consistent and full-time professional sports turf manager is that you will be able to use the field as at and when needed. It is good for economic value.

  1. Experienced Expertise

When you hiring a sports turf manager, you are surely looking for the top talent. so, you will want to ensure that you hire an experienced guru. This is probably someone who has worked with sports Turf management team or practiced previously with a top-rated employer. Therefore, you are assured you will be attracting his expertise and overall experience.


Those are the advantages of hiring a sports turf manager. Are you looking for professional sports turf Management Company? Contact Commonwealth Sports Turf Services today

Verticutting Golf Course Maintenance

Sports Turf Maintenance Tips you Should Know

Sports Turf Maintenance Tips You Should Know


Verticutting Golf Course Maintenance
Artificial turf has become the most preferred by the sports turf managers. Ideally, the sports fields that have artificial turf don’t require too much maintenance which is cumbersome for many sports turf managers. Therefore, it becomes important that the sports turf manager should be trained on how to take good care of the artificial sports turf. In this article, we take a review on some of the most important artificial sports turf maintenance practices that sports turf managers should take note of. Keep reading to find out the sports turf maintenance basics you need to know.

Replenishing the Infill Material

Infill material is one of the factors that determine how long a sports turf will last. For the artificial sports turf to continue looking healthy and well maintained, it is important that the sports turf managers keep checking the infill material. Therefore, whether the infill material is crumb rubber, rubber/sand, mix, cork or other modern material, these should be filled often.

Consider the fact that while playing; an athlete will carry off up to four pounds of infill material during the playing season. For example, the fields used during the 2018 FIFA Worldcup in Russia should be filled again since, by the end of the tournament, the sports turf will be worn out since the athletes playing on these fields take off the infill materials. Another threat factor to the infill material is the ultraviolet rays that emanate from the sun.

By maintaining a proper amount of crumb rubber it is possible to protect the fibers from folding over which results due to a bad playing ground. Therefore to ensure that players enjoy a good playing ground, make sure that the infill material is well maintained and filled throughout the playing season.

Ensure Your Sports Ground is Well Groomed

How your sports ground is groomed is a major factor when it comes to the overall appearance of the sports ground. Ideally, players appreciate a nice looking sports ground and able to give better results. It is important that while grooming, a groomer specially made for artificial sports turf should be used. While using the groomer, avoid lowering the entire weight of the groomer onto the sports turf, unless you want to level uneven sports ground. It is also recommended that after about 150 to 200 hours of sports ground use, it is groomed appropriately.

Is your sports turf well maintained? Remember that maintaining your sports turf properly is important since it ensures that your sportsmen have a good playing ground. Overall, they will perform well and hence the sports club will win big just because of ensuring a good practicing environment and a nice, level, well maintained playing ground.

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Latest Trends in Sports Turf Maintenance

Latest Trends in Sports Turf Maintenance


Sports Turf maintenance is a sector that is experiencing rapid changes. As technological advancements occur, they are also being experienced in the field of sports turf maintenance. As such, it is important for the stakeholders to keep pace with the latest advancements. In this article, we look at some of the latest advancements and also check out what the future holds for the sports turf maintenance sector. Keep reading to find out.

Stronger Insecticides and Efficient Disease Control Measures

Sports turf managers have reported increased disease and insect pressure affecting the quality of sports grass. Therefore, it is important for the sports turf managers to seek alternatives. The manufacturers of insecticides and researchers in the herbicides sector have to dive deeper into research to find absolute solutions. Therefore with the need for stronger and longer lasting efficacy when it comes to herbs control and insects control ion sports field, heads must get rolling to come up with the ultimate solution. Therefore the sports turf managers ought to stay up to date with the latest control measures and work with leading chemistries to come up with the latest technologies that can fight diseases and control insects.

Advancements in Grass Genetics

When it comes to the grass genetics, the sky is the limit. There are several grass varieties that are coming up on the market. In addition, breeders are looking at the performance of different grass varieties to determine if they can stand the test. Staying up to date with the latest developments will be important so as to ensure the trials that are coming up are adopted as long as they serve the purpose.

Reel Mowers Are being introduced

Sports turf managers are moving towards reel mowers as the quality of fields becomes important. The4 Reel mowers have the capacity to deliver superior quality of grass cut and offer aesthetics being sought after by many sports turf managers. Therefore we expect that soon there will be a transition from rotary mowers to the reel mowers. This is actually one of the largest product innovations is expected in the year 2018.

Data and Analytics in sports Turf Maintenance

The next wave of innovation in sports turf maintenance will revolve around data and analytics. These will help in producing consistent and high-quality sports turf making maintenance easier. For instance, we have the GPS trackers, Heart Rate Monitors, and also Accelerometers which have helped in transforming the work done by fitness coaches. Using such data for player load and fatigue management and player safety creates a mammoth industry of sports science.

These are some of the trends to look upon going forward to the near future.

For the best sports maintenance, contact Commonwealth Sports Turf Services.
Managing Special Events on Turfgrass

Facts on Sports Turf Top Dressing 

Facts on Sports Turf Top Dressing


Maintaining a safe sports turf should be the priority for any field managers. It is important to make sure that you have carried out all the basic sports turf maintenance practices.  One of the processes that you need to carry out is sports turf top dressing. Sports turf top dressing should be done by an expert who understands how this is done. To begin with, it is important that sports turf managers are educated on the matters of sports turf top dressing. Here is what you should know.

What is Sports Turf Top Dressing?

Sports turf Top dressing  in refers to the application of a uniform thin layer that comprises of soil or even the finely granulated organic materials. These are applied over the turf surface to ensure that your sports turf is well maintained and looks good always. Ideally, sports turf top dressing helps in leveling the playing ground. Often, you will see minor variations and depressions which are apparent and so top dressing will help top amend the physical soil properties.

Sports Turf Top Dressing Material

It is important to make sure that you have readily available material for sports turf top dressing. You will need to have a readily available topdressing material, the necessary modern equipment for perfect top dressing and a budget for the sports turf top dressing. It is critical that you select the best top dressing material.  The material that you choose for top dressing should be consistent in the type and particle size and should also be readily available for the future applications. Note that particle size variations will lead to layering disrupting drainage and rooting.  On top dressing material still, note that the material needed depends on the purpose of the top dressing. Light application is used during seeding or over seeding.

Top dressing of sports turf should be done once or twice in a year. This is when the sports turf is actively growing so that you can accurately do the top dressing. It is usually  the best practice to make sure that you do top dressing in late spring or even early fall and or in the late fall after the playing season is over.

Based on the above facts on top dressing, it is advisable that you consult an expert in the sports field maintenance industry. An expert will help to make sure that you have got the right top dressing material and that you do sports turf top dressing appropriately.

Would you like to do sports turf top dressing for safer and playable grounds? Are you looking for an expert whop understands sports turf top dressing? Contact commonwealth sports Turf services for an expert advice on the area of sports turf top dressing.

Construction/Renovation of Athletic Fields

How to Ensure you Choose the Best Sports Turf For Children Playing Ground

Choosing the Best Sports Turf For Children Playing Ground

Construction/Renovation of Athletic Fields

Parents have a responsibility to ensure children have the best sports turf to run on, play on and just allow them to be kids. Therefore, they have to choose wisely the type of sports turf to install on the residential playing ground. On the other side, the teachers who are trusted with these kids should also ensure they provide the best environment for these children. Basically, the teachers need to consider the same factors that parents put into consideration when choosing sports turf. In this article, we will feature the secrets of ensuring that your children have the best playing ground.

Children’s Safety Should be Prioritized

Sports turf should provide the safety required at all times. Therefore, it is critical that as you choose the sports turf to use you make sure it is safe. Let’s speak the truth here. If you were to plant grass, you will need to use some chemicals to ensure the grass grows appropriately and it is looking nice always. Do you know these chemicals can have adverse effects on children? Kids will just be kids and this is a fact. This is because they will sometimes want to put the grass in their mouth as they play. Therefore, this exposes them to dangerous chemicals that are harmful to their health. To avoid this situation, it is advisable that you choose artificial turf which doesn’t have these chemicals.

Before you choose the artificial turf, you should consider the manufacturer who supplies you. This is because some manufacturers use dangerous chemicals also to ensure their artificial turf is of good quality. Therefore, we advise that you check the safety assurance to ensure your kids are always safe. At http://cwsportsturf.com we ensure our sports turf is the best quality. Come to us today for the best.


Another factor to take into consideration when choosing children sports turf is the durability. How durable is the turf that you want to choose? You have to ensure you choose turf that will serve you for years. In this regard, the artificial sports turf gives you a longer service compared to planting grass. Therefore, we would advise you that you come to http://cwsportsturf.com for the best artificial sports turf.


Artificial sports turf looks uniform and stays at the same height without any type of care or maintenance. Natural grass can change color, ranging from a bright, vibrant green to a dull brown depending on the weather. Synthetic grass keeps the same, constant color at all times without chemicals or routine watering.

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beautiful and healthy turf

The Commonwealth Games Federation Guidelines and  Sports Turf Maintenance

The Commonwealth Games Federation Guidelines and  Sports Turf Maintenance

In the previous posts, we have talked about how well-maintained sports field is good for the performance of sportsmen/women. Basically, we covered why investing in sports turf maintenance is worth your time and commitment. Now, I would like us to change our attention and review some examples of a well-maintained sports field.  To do this, we will pay attention to the venues where the 2018 Commonwealth games took place.  If its news to you, the 2018 commonwealth games commonly referred to as XXI Commonwealth Games were hosted by Australia and they took place at Gold Coast.

The Commonwealth Games Federation outlines various guidelines to be followed when selecting the venues where the games will be played. They consider athletes needs, the technical specifications, the venues seating capacity, and the games-time logistics.  One of the key technical aspect to be awarded the bid is ensuring over 80 percent of planned venues are ready.  Gold Coast city successful bid was because the city had 80% of the planned venues ready to host the games. Most of the sports venues used for the games are within 20 minutes drive.

Review of Maintenance of Carrara Stadium-the Main Venue for 2018 Commonwealth Games

The commercial name is Metricon Stadium. This is the main sporting field where the opening ceremony for the 2018 commonwealth games was held. The stadium received a major uplifting in 2009 and the demolition of the old stadium started. Grandstands and construction of the sports ground began in 2010. The turf was laid in April 2011. Ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth games, the contractor installed a temporal 400 meters track and the seating capacity was increased by 10000 seats. During the games, the stadium could host up to 35,000 spectators.

So, what can we learn from the Commonwealth games venue selection? It is important for the management of any sports ground to pay attention to maintenance of the sports turf. It’s not only the sports turf that requires proper maintenance. It is absolutely necessary for the other aspects to be considered. These include proper lighting at the sports arena, the seating capacity to ensure maximum spectators are comfortable at the venue and lastly the convenience of the athletes participating in the games.

Does your sports ground require proper maintenance? Or probably you need a good upgrade. Remember that Carrara stadium was upgraded just before the games and an ongoing maintenance program was in place. Hire Commonwealth Sports Turf maintenance services to ensure the athletics track is well maintained. We offer Turf Installation in Virginia.

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Groundskeepers must Strive for Peak Irrigation Efficiency for Turfgrass

Should you hire a Full-time Sports Field Maintenance Personnel or just Outsource the Services?

Should you hire a Full-time Sports Field Maintenance Personnel or just Outsource the Services?

Groundskeepers must Strive for Peak Irrigation Efficiency for Turfgrass


Sports Field Maintenance should take priority for your team to perform well. Doing so takes great expertize, a huge amount of your time, and also needs financial commitment. To many sports field managers, in-house capabilities are sufficient and reduce the cost of maintaining the field. Therefore they prefer to hire an in-house resource who they delegate this assignment to. To some others, they would rather outsource the whole service than hire an in-house resource. So, how do you know which is the best approach to take when it comes to sports turf maintenance?

In this article, we focus on some of the tips to consider when caught at this crossroad. By the end of the article, you should be able to decide whether hiring an in-house resource is better for you compared to outsourcing the service.

  1. Your Field Requires a Qualified and Well updated Maintainer

The person to be charged with the responsibility of maintaining the sports turf should be highly qualified. In addition, this is a person who needs to know most of the things when it comes to sports turf industry. Consider that now and then, new technologies arise when it comes to sports turf maintenance. Now, if you hire an in-house resource, be prepared to pay the training fee whenever there is a new development when it comes to sports turf maintenance. However, if you outsource, you will avoid the cost of training your resources. Basically, you just have to invite bids from qualified individuals. If they show they have the latest know-how, then you can outsource the service. Only hire permanent resources if you are prepared to train them.

  1. Consider Need for High-Tech Equipment

Sports field maintenance requires high tech equipment. It is important for you to purchase this equipment if you want the sports turf to look modern and remain in good condition. The equipment might seem to be a bit pricey depending on your budget constraints. When you outsource the sports turf maintenance task, there is no need for you to buy the equipment. Therefore, you can use the money in other important investments as per your club’s needs.

  1. How Often Should the Maintenance be Done?

If you have the artificial sports tuff, then believe me the need for maintenance is minimal. Therefore, hiring a full-time resource might not be economical since most of the other times this person will just sit idle. Basically, you will be paying for hours not worked. How about outsourcing the function? You can agree on the work schedule. When there is nothing to be done, you don’t pay for those hours. However, when there is too much to be done, you can now ask for extra labor.

Still confused about the best alternative when it comes to sports field maintenance? Well, it is advisable that you outsource the service. Contact us today and we will offer you the best sports field maintenance. We have the best equipment and our staffs are well knowledgeable when it comes to sports turf maintenance. Contact us now.