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What Composes the Top Putting Green Turf?

Signs That Your Sports Turf Lacks Proper Maintenance

Signs That Your Sports Turf Lacks Proper Maintenance

What Composes the Top Putting Green Turf?

Several products sold through the infomercial will often have the slogan “maintenance free”. If you own a car, you probably have met the car battery dealers advertising maintenance free batteries. In reality, almost everything requires having some sort of maintenance so as to stand the test of time. Synthetic sports turf is a crucial investment that requires good maintenance too. Some artificial turf dealers have been lying to people that artificial turf doesn’t require maintenance. However, leaving artificial turf unattended leads to serious problems which affect the quality of your sports field. Therefore, the artificial turf also needs to be well catered for. This will ensure it serves you for a long-term and that your sportsmen feel motivated when playing. It is important to study the sports turf to ensure you identify signs of under maintenance. So, what some of the signs of an under-maintained sports turf? Let’s see.

  • Uneven Surface

One of the challenges that sportsmen might have when playing is an uneven surface. Your synthetic field too might develop uneven surface if you don’t carry on regular maintenance. With uneven playing surface, the ball rolls faster on some surfaces, and the bounce will vary from place to place. When coaching the players, they develop own techniques on how to properly time the ball so that the next bounce can be predicted. The players feel uncomfortable if this is not the same while playing. Therefore, it is important for the technical department to provide an even playing surface. Failure to do so will lead to demotivation due to an uneven surface.

  •  Compaction on Sports Field

The sports field manager must realize that the field is used for different purposes. A section is dedicated to the cheering squads, in schools the sports field also serves as graduation square and several other uses. The biggest detriment to playing conditions is having excess traffic and compaction in the sports field. To prevent compaction, it is important to ensure aeration is carried out often on your sports turf. For the natural sports field, aeration plays a critical role in ensuring the grass gets enough nutrients supplies and the root zone is well supplied with water.

  • Infill Loss

For the artificial sports turf, performance and safety of players are greatly dependent on the infill available. The infill is spread between the fibers of the artificial sports field. This infill is important since it delivers what the athletes want in a sports field. Therefore, it’s important for the sports field directors and managers to ensure their sports turf is well maintained.

These are some of the common signs of an unmaintained sports field. It is important for the sports field manager to ensure they maintain the sports field appropriately. Failure to do so will lead to poor playing conditions for the sportsmen and women. This ultimately leads to poor performance.

Aeration vs Verticutting

Verticutting and How It Helps your Sports Turf

Verticutting and How It Helps your Sports Turf


Aeration vs Verticutting
Your sports ground should be well maintained to ensure players perform well. In our article on why you should invest in sports ground maintenance, we listed performance of your players as a key benefit. Therefore, it is important that you are knowledgeable when it comes to matters concerning sports ground maintenance. In our last article, we talked about aeration of your sports turf. Today, we shift our attention to verticutting or we commonly refer to as vertical mowing. So what is vertical mowing? Continue reading to find out what it entails and how it helps you.

Verticutting is the removal of thatch buildup on the sports turf and is done so that your lawn can breathe easily. Your sports lawn needs good space to breathe and ensure it is absorbing the nutrients that are required for proper growth. Also, it is important to ensure the lawn can soak in the much-needed moisture so that the roots are wet to encourage growth. At this juncture, you are likely to ask yourself what we mean by thatch.

What is Thatch and How does it affect your sports turf?

Thatch is the layer of dead stems and roots which will form between the grass and the soil. Whereas it is not as bad, getting rid of these dead stems and roots is important to ensure the health of sports turf. Consider that if not removed, thatch will accumulate on the sports ground. When this does, it reaches a level where it starts eating up the nutrients that are good for the turf. This means that the turf will not get a good supply of air, water, and nutrients. Also, consider that insects will hide in thatch and it is also likely to cause diseases in your turf.

Another question that you might like to have an answer for is how will you know that your turf as thatch? The answer is pretty simple. Just walk over your sports turf, and if you feel some sponginess, this is a straight sign that you need to carry out verticutting to remove this thatch. So how do you get rid of thatch?

How to Get Rid of Thatch in Sports Turf

You can get rid of thatch using a rake, but this is not the best approach. It is also labor intensive and not practical in a sports ground. Therefore, you need services of a specialist to do the verticutting. Through verticutting, a blade cuts down through to the thatch and doesn’t damage the healthy sports turf. Through this process, the dead layer is brought to the surface and therefore it becomes easy to collect the thatch. Then after verticutting, you might consider doing aeration so that your sports turf will get more air, water, and nutrients. Verticutting should be performed by professionals. This is because you need commercial equipment and it ensures your lawn gets a good aeration which occurs in the process.

Would you like to hire a professional to do sports turf verticutting today? Contact us to book for the service.


What you should know About Sports Turf Aeration

What you should know About Sports Turf Aeration



Sports turf maintenance is an investment you should think about. In our previous posts, we covered some of the reasons why you should carry out regular maintenance. One of the processes to consider is sports turf aeration. Sports turf aeration is very important to make sure turfgrass quality is maintained throughout. If you do not carry out aeration, this can result in very high costs including your sports ground being blacklisted. There is absolutely no reason why fixtures should be canceled because of poor sports turf maintenance. So why exactly should you consult an expert to carry out sports field aeration? Let`s see

To maintain Correct Balance on the Root zone of your Sports Turf

Sports grass is grown in different turf blends of soil and sand. These are often in varying degrees and it is important to maintain the recommended degree. This will ensure that the grass is healthy as it grows. The pore spaces create a good environment for the grass and should be considered when conducting maintenance practices. These pore spaces enable the grass to correct the necessary nutrients, maintain a good air balance and water that the grass requires. Compaction is normal in the soil and when it takes place, it means that the soil pore spaces are reduced. Through the use of special aeration equipment, the pores are opened up to keep the environment right for the growth of grass.

Sports Turf Aeration Helps Increase Soil Temperatures

Temperature matters for various reasons and therefore it is important to ensure you balance it well. The best way to increase soil temperature is to carry out sports turf aeration. Bear in mind that temperature will affect the rate at which the grass grows and also affects micro-organisms population. Secondly, aeration influences soil drying which occurs through evaporation. Basically, aeration is all about soil ventilation and gases move in and out of the soil after aeration is done.

Aeration Contributes to Stronger Turf Grass Roots

With a better intake of nutrients, the grassroots will be stronger and tougher which is important for healthy growth of grass. Therefore, it is important to conduct regular aeration on the grass turf to ensure you have health grass with strong roots that support the plant.

These are some of the reasons why you need to conduct aeration on your sports turf. The timing should be done right to ensure the field is ready as at and when needed. For the cool season grass type which includes Kentucky bluegrass and Perennial ryegrass, it is important to conduct aeration during spring and also in fall. The warm turf grass like Bermuda and Zoysia grass, it is important to conduct aeration during mid-spring and also in summer.

For expert advice and professional turf maintenance, contact us through the contacts found at http://cwsportsturf.com/contact/. We have professional machinery required for sports field aeration throughout the year. Contact us today for a free quote


Why You Should Invest in Sports Field Maintenance

Why You Should Invest in Sports Field Maintenance



A well-maintained sports field is the best asset you can have for your team. Apart from choosing the best turf for the athlete’s field, you need to ensure it is routinely maintained. In my previous posts, we dwelt a lot on how you can maintain synthetic turf in your field. We also need to understand why sports field maintenance is important and essentially why you should always mind the state of the athlete’s field. There are various reasons for this and that is what I want to cover today. So, why should field managers make sure they have invested in athlete`s field maintenance? Here are the essential reasons.

Safety of Players Comes First

It is fundamental to ensure your sportsmen and sportswomen are safe when playing in the field. The players are another important asset that as a sports club you have invested in. to make sure you are getting the most from these players, you need to ensure that the field they are playing on is safe. If the field is not safe for the players, you have no guarantee of winning any prizes in the tournament. When they are practicing on in the actual competition, the field should be safe for them. invest in sports field maintenance or otherwise your players will miss the big tournaments because of injuries as a result of poor playing conditions.

Maintained Field Improves Morale of Players

Take the sports field like your work environment. You cannot work in a dirty and dangerous environment and be productive. This is because the environment you are in has a direct impact on the way you perform your duties. This is the same for the players. The managers expect them to perform well and one of the ways to improve their performance is a well-maintained sports lawn. Therefore, not only increasing their remuneration will help in performance. It all starts with offering them a safe clean playing field for them to maximize their abilities.

To Be Compliant With the Sports Field Maintenance Regulations

In different states, the sports council sets guidelines on field maintenance. These guidelines should always be adhered to so as ensure the players are safe when playing in the field. The sports committee members will conduct an inspection either annually or as per the specific guidelines to check the status of your field. A poorly maintained sports lawn risks being disqualified as a venue for holding future sports. When this happens, your club will have to pay for the cost of renting a sports field for practice or holding a tournament. This cost could is usually higher than the cost of maintaining your sports lawn. Instead of incurring the high cost, you would rather pay less for hiring an expert to make sure the field is up to the standard as per the guidelines.

Are you looking for the best sports lawn maintenance consultant? This has to be a person with years of experience and who can also guide you when it comes to general sports field maintenance. Hire commonwealth sports turf specialist in Virginia for the best services. Contact us today for a special quote at zero cost.


Preparing the field for Superbowl 2015

Artificial Turf Maintenance Tips

Essential Tips on Artificial Turf Maintenance

Preparing the field for Superbowl 2015

Artificial turf is the best for the sporting field since it requires little maintenance. In the previous posts, we saw that it is cheap to install if you compare it to the natural grass. However, it is important to make sure that you understand the best maintenance that you should give your artificial turf. This is good so as to ensure the playing field remains playable and hence you are getting value for your money. Therefore, compromising the quality of care should be discouraged at all cost. Here are some of the general maintenance tips for the artificial lawn.

How to Keep Your Artificial Grass Clean

This will generally depend on the particular situation that your synthetic turf is in. the various situations could be having pets and children playing on the turf, or having many trees that shed leaves on the turf. In each of the above situations, it is important to ensure the lawn is cleaned more often if you have these situations. for those who don’t have these situations, then you might not need to clean the lawn regularly as compared to those who have them. Another common situation is having a very dusty surrounding. If your neighbourhood is dusty, you also need to clean the sports field more regularly than if you were in an area without dust. Therefore, the various factors will determine how often you should clean your artificial grass. Note that the bottom line is that the field should be playable and therefore it is important to ensure you get rid of any condition that causes the lawn to have foreign debris.

Most Artificial lawn managers will advise you have a weekly cleaning routine. This is also adopted by people who use the synthetic grass as a lawn. Therefore, spraying the grass with a hose will help to remove the debris and dust from the grass giving it the original shine. For monthly artificial grass maintenance, you will need to do a more thorough cleaning. Better tools like the flexible artificial lawn rake and a broom that has stiff bristles will help. Alternatively, you can use a stiff brush to clean the lawn. Note that a steel brush can damage the grass and hence you should not use it at all.

How to Remove Pet Waste from the Artificial Turf

Being pet-friendly you don’t have to worry about the pets accessing your lawn. However, you need to make sure you remove the waste that could be left by the pets on the lawn. To do this, you need to have a good method for removing solid waste. Your approach should not involve the use of metallic tools that can damage the lawn. Therefore, you might need to use other tools like plastic pooper scooper and a plastic bag to put the solid waste. After the waste has been removed, it is advisable that you hose down the area that the solid waste was. The pet’s urine should also be sprayed down using a hose. This will ensure that the area is odor free always.

These are some of the tips you need to have at hand to make sure the artificial turf is always clean. For professional maintenance commonwealth Sports Turf is your one-stop shop. Contact us today to ensure your sports Turf is playable always.

many uses of turf

Different Types of Artificial Turf and Artificial Lawn Installation Do`s and Don’ts

Different Types of Artificial Turf and Artificial Lawn Installation Do`s and Don’ts


many uses of turf

In the past week, I introduced you to artificial turf, and we examined the advantages of artificial lawn over the naturally grown lawn. This week we continue our exploration on the artificial lawn, and we will cover the different types of artificial lawn that have ever been used in the industry, and then we will also read about what you should not do when installing the artificial lawn on your athletics field. So what are some of the types of artificial lawn that you can buy?

Types of Artificial Turf

The most common types of artificial turf that we have include Astroturf, Super turf, and the field turf. The Astroturf is the oldest and it is also the most recognized name in the sports turf industry. However, it has been replaced by other forms of turf which are more common in the industry today. The field turf is currently the most recognized artificial turf in the fields and stadiums in the modern day.

The Difference between the Artificial Lawn Types

Examining all these types of turf, you will learn that the major difference has been the length of the turf blades and also the infill material that has been used. Note that infill material is usually composed of the sand and cream rubber. The cream rubber is used to make sure that the surface is soft and therefore it is very necessary when preparing the turf fields. Further, the deeper the infill used, the harder the turf the field will be. Therefore, it is important that you make sure the filler used has been mixed well so that you will have a soft field for the players depending on the field that you are preparing. So what else should you be cautious about when installing the artificial fields? Continue reading to find out.

What to Avoid During Artificial Turf Installation

When you are installing your artificial turf you need to observe certain recommendations and also be keen not to do the following.

Avoid Improper Planning

In any project, you should make sure that you have a well-laid plan detailing what should be done from the start to the end of the project. This is the same for the artificial turf installation. You should always make sure you have a project plan to avoid the costliest mistake which is usually failure due to lack of planning. Make sure you have all the equipment needed in preparation of the field. As per the supplier of the type of artificial turf you are using, you need to have all the materials ready before you begin any work.

Make Sure You Have Proper Drainage

The drainage system in the field should be done appropriately top avoid the natural calamities such as flooding. The type of drainage will greatly depend upon the climate in your area. No matter the climate, you must have the calculation right to ensure the artificial lawn will not become soggy and you don’t experience the aesthetic problems. Note that some of the problems of flooding in the field would be the growth of mold, rot, and also slimy feeling turf. When you are purchasing the turf base material, be wary of the moisture content.

Get Your Measurements Right

In most cases, people assume that ordering more synthetic grass than you need should be done so as to cater for the errors in measuring. The most important thing you need to take into consideration and give it time well is the measurements. These should be as accurate as possible to avoid disappointments and unnecessary spending. Remember that accuracy matters in the athletics field.

Avoid Making Multiple Purchases

Installing your turf in sections is not recommended and therefore you should make sure that you have enough budget and taken measurements well to make an outright purchase once. Color variance is possible if you order the artificial turf in batches. In most instances, the purchaser doesn’t notice the color variation until the installation has been done. However, you should be able to order once so that you avoid the color variation issue.

The safety considerations vary depending on the planned usage of the field. Therefore, you should make sure that you have taken in place appropriate considerations when doing your artificial turf. If you would like recommendation and help in installation of the artificial lawn, you can always contact http://cwsportsturf.com/







What You Need To Know About Artificial Sports Turf

What You Need To Know About Artificial Sports Turf


Sports field can be made of artificial sports turf or the naturally grown turf. The maintenance of the two has some similarities and differences too. For those who would like to have their athletics field covered with artificial turf, it is important to take into consideration different maintenance factors. Most importantly, it is good to have a general knowledge of the artificial sports turf before settling on using it. Here are some basic things you need to know about artificial turf.


The History of Artificial Turf


Go to most sporting events and you will notice that the artificial turf is becoming the norm in pitches and also backyards. It remains a fantastic choice for most sports turf managers but not many understand how it came to be. Here is a brief sneak view of the history of artificial sports turf.


In the early 60`s companies started small projects to experiment artificial grass as an offshoot of carpeting. At the same time, most pitch managers were experiencing challenges on sports turf management. The grass was not growing well due to lack of enough light and at the same time during winter it was a challenge. Therefore grass would die and they had to find alternative places to host games. At some point, they were forced to use green paint to make the fields look normal.


With the experiments on artificial grass going on, the results were impressive and the first artificial sports turf was established. Then they called it chem. Grass. The benefits they ripped from the artificial turf led to replication of the same to other places. Here are the benefits associated with artificial sports turf and the reasons for the great adoption.


Less Maintenance is Required Compared to Natural Grass


If the artificial sports turf is up to the required standards, there is very little you need to do in terms of maintenance. Number one, you don’t need watering and therefore it saves you water bills. Secondly, you don’t need mowing and therefore you will not need any labor cost associated with mowing natural turf. In case of debris, you also don’t need to worry about it since all you need is a perfect brush.


Artificial sports Turf Doesn’t Dry up


With covered sports pitches, it is hard to get enough light on the pitch. Therefore the natural grass doesn’t look as healthy and therefore you are forced to keep re-seeding the grass which eventually turns out to be a battle of wits. In such circumstances, adoption of artificial sports turf will be the best option.


Artificial Sports Turf offers Players a Soft Surface


Just like your natural grass, the artificial sports turf has a soft feeling and therefore you don’t have to worry about how the players will feel on the sports pitch. All you need to do is make sure no debris and stones land on the sports turf. Therefore even if players fall as they play, the artificial turf doesn’t cause any harm.


The sports that benefit mostly from artificial turf include baseball, football, field hockey, soccer and tennis. There is a wide choice available for you to consider when it comes to artificial turf. When choosing the artificial turf to buy, consider the sports that will be played on the turf. For expert advice, you can contact us on http://cwsportsturf.com/.


sports turf maintenance process

A Successful Sports Turf Maintenance Process

The key to a beautiful sports turf lies in the maintenance. A successful sports turf maintenance process is not an easy project for anyone to venture out on their own. It takes time and the expertise of a professional to keep sports turf healthy and beautiful. When it comes to maintaining your beautiful green lawn, there are a few steps that we take to ensure that your lawn stays healthy for months on end. The process includes core and deep tine aeration, core redistribution, top dressing and verticutting.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is the process of removing cylinder-shaped cores of soil and grass from the ground. This process may also be known as “spiking” or “slicing.” There are many benefits to removing cores of turf. This includes improving water intake, improving the circulation of air in the soil, improving soil endurance in the face of drought and other stressors, and improving soil compaction. This allows for a safer, less damaged playing field.

Deep Tine Aeration

Deep tine aeration is just a more extensive, deep cutting form of core aeration. It involves the quick removal of deep layers of soil and grass. Deep tine aeration allows for deeper penetration of the soil without creating a lot of damage to the playing surface. Like core aeration, it increases air flow through the soil and helps relieve compacted soil.

Core Redistribution

Following a core aeration or deep tine aeration procedure, the next step involves the redistribution of grass and soil cores throughout the playing field. During the core redistribution process, the cores that have been extracted during aeration are replanted in areas where the turf is not healthy or is in need of repair. The redistribution contributes to the growth of healthy grass throughout the playing field if done correctly.

Top Dressing

Another way that we can relieve soil compaction is through top dressing. This process involves the blending of sand or compost with the surface layer of soil under the sports turf. This process also helps create a more even, safe playing environment, and it allows for the free movement of oxygen, water and nutrients throughout the roots of the turf.


Finally, verticutting is the process of removing thatch buildup (sticks, dead stems and roots, leaves and other natural buildup) by mowing the turf. Removing the buildup encourages a free flow of oxygen and nutrients that had otherwise been blocked by dead plant matter in the soil and other naturally occurring debris. It improves drainage and different sporting aspects such as ball roll and other aesthetics.


A successful sports turf maintenance process will keep your turf green and healthy, and moreover it can improve the playability of your sporting area.

When looking for a professional to handle turf maintenance, Commonwealth Sports Turf is your one stop shop for all things sports turf related. Contact Commonwealth today to find out how we can help keep your grass green and gorgeous.

What Soil Study Can Do For Your Turf

A soil study is an important part of turf placement.

The study essentially aids in figuring out how compatible your soil is for sports turf, and it helps us figure out a personalized plan for your field. However it is a little more intricate than that. Here’s what a soil study can do for you and your field.

It is important that a soil study takes places before turf application, because every soil bed is different. Soil studies allow professionals to analyze your soil’s nutrient content. The initial study allows you to understand what the current state of your soil is, where its deficiencies lie, and whether or not it is able to effectively support sports turf. Soil that lacks the nutrients necessary for turf placement could increase the likelihood of turf damage from disease, bugs, and affect the overall health of the grass.

Commonwealth Sports Turf Services provides all of this information in a document that contains graphs and other statistical information so that you can have a side-by-side comparison of where your soil is and where it needs to be.

After the turf is placed, another soil study is conducted as a review of the previous year’s turf placement.

This study helps us determine how well the turf worked for your field and decide what the best option would be going forward with turf placement for the next year.

A turf analysis is important because it will ultimately save you money and extra time. If your soil isn’t optimal for sports turf, it could subject you to some of the issues listed above. And ultimately, it would cost you more money to have it replaced. We believe–and are sure that you’d agree–that it’s best to get it right the first time. Our turf analysis helps you figure out what your soil needs to support healthy turf and how often said nutrients should be implemented. Once your soil has been analyzed, we can help you discover your options and come up with a plan that will work best for your field and situation. This helps field owners to budget their funds accordingly and save them from a dangerous gamble on incompatible surf placement.

We would love to help you figure out your options for turf placement. If you would like to know about our services and what a soil study can do for your turf, please contact Commonwealth Sports Turf today.