We’ve invested in cutting edge equipment, conducted extensive research, and staffed our team with individuals that are proven winners in the sports turf scene. All of this means that the services we offer are executed by knowledgeable people and done with equipment that is industry-best. What you see below are a few of the services that we recommend.

CWST - JR Tucker Clear

How To Manage Turf When It Wont Stop Snowing

Virginia has a mild climate and normally winters are warm and mild. In recent history, January and February of 2014 have been abnormally cold and filled with rough weather such as frost, ice, snow, hail, freezing rain, and high winds. While winters do come and go, bad weather will always wreak havoc on turf and cause lasting damage if not treated properly.

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Turf In Snow

What is in Store for Turf Management in 2014?

The new year is in full swing so it is only natural that experts begin to focus on the trends in turf management for 2014. Turf management specialists say that everything from an increased improvement in youth fields to challenges in environmental regulations that affect use of fertilizers or pesticides are what is in store for sports fields and other areas with expansive areas of turf.

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Superbowl Turf

Does Superbowl Turf Need to Perform Better?

The Superbowl is, without question, the most popular sporting event in the United States. In fact, according to ESPN, the top three most watched programs in the history of American television have been the Superbowls of 2012, 2010, and 2013, respectively. Viewers tune in to see the best teams in the nation perform at the top of their game. They watch the players, the coaches, and even the advertisements, but arguably one of the most important components of any game remains seen but unnoticed: the turf.
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Turf During the Game

Turf Services that Fans Notice

Facts About Turf

Although many fans take the grass that covers athletic fields for granted, many do notice some of the features that are part of athletic turf that do not appear in other types of ground cover. Because of the additional wear and tear that athletic fields undergo, special attention is required to be sure that the ground cover remains safe for players while still looking attractive to the fans.
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Hard Freeze

The Truth About Turf During a Hard Freeze

Frost is an intense force of nature. We are used to seeing and playing sports on lush green lawns in the spring, summer and fall, but frigid winter temperatures can be a challenge for even the most experienced and dedicated turf manager. Frostkill is a big problem for golf course and football field managers, but fortunately, there are ways to fight against it.
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Cold Temperature

Moving Your Sports Turf Out of the Cold

After the recent polar freeze that captured most of the Mid-Atlantic, many people are looking forward to spring approaching. During the cold bitter months of the winter there are many concerns pertaining to turf and landscaping. However, not many people consider that the wet and cold weather can actually be good for the plants and grass. While certain warm weather grass, such as Bermudagrass may suffer during the cold season, they can still get back on track when the warm weather approaches.

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