Sports Turf Tips, Techniques, and Methods

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Why Should I Use Sports Turf?

Sports turf is an artificial option to use on playing fields rather than real grass. This turf can be installed on a multitude of fields and can come in many different types based on the sport being played.   Installing synthetic turf can have many positive outcomes such as less cost, maintenance, and increased playability. […]

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The Many Uses of Sports Turf

While some might think of sports turf as solely for a soccer or football stadium, that is not where the uses end! Sports turf is a versatile product as it is synthetic in nature and lasts for much longer than real grass. This allows for those that install it to save time and money while […]

shade stress

Sports Turf and Shade Stress Problems

Sports field turf needs sunlight to make its own food. Warm season turfgrass needs at least twice as much sunlight as cool season turf. Without sufficient sunlight, the turf quickly begins to deteriorate and have shade stress problems. Shaded areas of sports fields are especially prone to this reaction because sunlight in the shade is […]


Managing Turfgrass under Heat Stress

Throughout Virginia, cool season turfgrasses experience problems associated with summer heat stress. Typically, heat stress is most acute on turfgrasses under conditions depicted by extremely high temperatures and humidity levels that persist for several months. The summer heat with high humid conditions comes with stress on how to keep grass intact and endure the harsh […]

The Tiny Enemies of Turfgrass

The Tiny Enemies of Turfgrass

Why is the turfgrass important? To whom its essence is effective? What are the tiny root-feeding insects which infect the turfgrasses?

Spring is around the corner Preparing Baseball Fields

Spring is Around the Corner: Preparing Baseball Fields

Spring is a great time of year that many enjoy for various reasons! After a lot of months of the winter season it’s a great time one of the best past-times; spring baseball! Baseball season is approaching and it’s the absolute best time to get the field together for the new season.