Sports Turf Tips, Techniques, and Methods

What Soil Study Can Do For Your Turf

A soil study is an important part of turf placement. The study essentially aids in figuring out how compatible your soil is for sports turf, and it helps us figure out a personalized plan for your field. However it is a little more intricate than that. Here’s what a soil study can do for you […]

How to Upkeep Beautiful and Healthy Turf

Having beautiful, healthy turf takes proper upkeep and attention. This means understanding what the turf needs, how to carry out these procedures, and making sure to check up on the results in a timely manner. Below we have outlined some of the most important steps that can be taken in order to have an ongoing […]


What Too Much Rain Can Do To Your Turf

  Rain is usually a good thing! In fact, it’s a great thing as it means that you don’t have to manually water your turf. However, there are cons to a lot of rain as well.   What can too much rain do to my turf?   Too much rain can put stress on your […]

sports turf diseases

The Most Common Types of Sports Turf Diseases

Sports turf diseases can wreak havoc on your lawn. It can cause the turf to be unattractive and unusable among many other problems.   What are the signs of a sports turf diseases?   Some of the signs that you can look for when trying to identify common sports turf diseases are:   Discolored grass […]

soil study

Why Conduct A Sports Turf Soil Study?

What is a soil study?   A soil study is the act of studying each separate field or turf area that you may have and analyzing it for its uniqueness. This is done in order to responsibly recommend next steps for your sports turf. This study makes it possible to identify where your soil currently […]

top dressing

Top Dressing Your Turf

What is Top Dressing Turf? Top dressing is the act of applying a mixture of sand and compost to the already existing soil. It is applied to the turf in 1/8” to ¼” layers on top of the turf. This practice enriches the soil with more microbes, and helps to restore the balance of the […]