Sports Turf Tips, Techniques, and Methods

soil study

Why Conduct A Sports Turf Soil Study?

What is a soil study?   A soil study is the act of studying each separate field or turf area that you may have and analyzing it for its uniqueness. This is done in order to responsibly recommend next steps for your sports turf. This study makes it possible to identify where your soil currently […]

top dressing

Top Dressing Your Turf

What is Top Dressing Turf? Top dressing is the act of applying a mixture of sand and compost to the already existing soil. It is applied to the turf in 1/8” to ¼” layers on top of the turf. This practice enriches the soil with more microbes, and helps to restore the balance of the […]


Thatch And Your Turf

What is thatch?   Thatch is a combination of alive and dead grass stems, shoots, and roots that embeds itself between your turf grass and soil. This happens when your turf produces debris much faster than it can be broken down or decay.   Thatch can also build up because of certain turf and soil […]

sports turf maintenance process

Turf Fall Overseeding

What Is Fall Overseeding?   Fall overseeding is something that many homewners might not know about or take the time to do. However, it creates a beautiful, healthy lawn year round. Overseeding is the act of seeding an already growing lawn with grass seed. It helps to grow more turf where it is thinning without […]

sports turf aeration

Sports Turf Aeration

What is sports turf aeration? You may have heard the term aeration before when talking about sports turf. But what exactly does it mean? It’s the process of removing plugs of grass from the lawn in order to aerate the turf. These plugs go deep enough to core out a small section of grass and […]

upkeep for sports turf

What is Proper Upkeep For Sports Turf?

Sports turf can be used to cover high school football fields, large soccer complexes, and even golf courses. While a game can’t always be perfect, the turf always can. What some might just see as grass, any athlete knows differently that it can help to make or break the game. Proper upkeep for sports turf […]