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A perfect game is rare. Perfect turf should be routine

— Andrew Adams

Aeration, Top-Dressing, Verticutting, and Other Turf Services

We’ve invested in cutting edge equipment, conducted extensive research, and staffed our team with individuals that are proven winners in the sports turf scene. All of this means that the services we offer are executed by knowledgeable people and done with equipment that is industry-best. What you see below are a few of the services that we recommend. If you’d like to see a demonstration of any of these just click the “Request Demo” button at the bottom of the page and we’ll let you see it in action before you buy it!


Deep-Tine Aeration

This is considered the most effective aeration type in the industry. Our Deep Tine Aerator uses a series of 7-10” solid or coring tines at 2-5” spacing, punching holes at a high rate of compression speed while moving forward under 2 mph. Deep Tine Aeration allows for maximum penetration into the soil of any aeration type with the least impact to the playing surface.

  • Applications

    We offer a range of liquid and granular treatments proven to help establish denser, healthier, safer turf. For each client, we develop a specific program including specifications for each field based on detailed soil analysis and field use.

  • Core Aeration

    Our JD Aercore pulls 3-4” cores on 2 x 2 spacing allowing more oxygen, water, and nutrients into the root zone. Aeration helps minimize soil compaction which can damage the soil profile of a field and harden the playing surface, ultimately sacrificing player safety.

  • Core-Redistribution

    Following the Aerecore process, cores may be collected with a turf sweeper and re-distributed into areas that require repair. As opposed to using top soil and seed only to repair areas, cores are packed with viable nutrients and roots and, with proper care, begin growing immediately.

  • Top Dressing

    Top dressing incorporates sand, compost, or a blend of both into the existing soil profile. This creates a channel for oxygen, water, and nutrients to move easily through the soil profile and into the root zone where they can be utilized by the plant. Topdressing can also aid in decreasing compaction and providing a more stable and safer playing surface.



Verticutting is the process for removing thatch from bermuda turf which is periodically necessary for plant health. Thatch buildup is a result of clippings that form a thick matt on the surface of the soil which prohibit oxygen, nutrients, and water from getting to the root zone. Verticutting thins the grass to increase drainage and allow more leaf blades to emerge which ultimately improves the aesthetics, ball roll, and playability of the overall surface. After disturbing all the loose thatch from the true Bermuda base, a VersaVac machine is used to vacuum clean the playing surface so that all debris is removed and the field is ready for play.

We would love to show you how these products work, and how we can work with your turf. Interested in a demo?