• Deep-Tine Aeration

    The Diamond – Richmond

  • For Fields that are Durable

    Keeping your players safe through the last snap

  • Greens That are Resilient

    stronger root structure, optimal drainage, and fast recovery

  • For smooth cuts and pivots

    Leaving your players upright and your turf intact

  • For Turf that Gets Beat Up

    We make sure it always bounces back.

  • For Ideal Ball Roll

    where predictability comes standard

  • Deep-Tine Aeration

    Maximum penetration with the least impact

Sports Turf Services in Midlothian Virginia

Our Services

Go ahead, do a little window shopping. We don’t mind. If you see something you like, we can tell you more or you can attend one of our service demos

Our Clients

High school football, large soccer complexes, golf courses. You’ve probably seen our work on various Virginia turf fields.

Our Methods

We use a proven analytical approach to improving playing surfaces. Because everybody likes to see their turf in a pie chart.

At Commonwealth Sports Turf Services, we obsess over the little details of your sports turf so you don’t have to. For instance you have root depth, soil compaction, and the grade in that heavy traffic area. Then you worry about the air and water in the soil and what this rainy summer means for your aeration schedule. You start to wonder if your Bermuda is feeling too “spongy”, if you have too much nitrogen in your application plan, or why water seems to be standing in that one area. You get concerned about the impact aerating has on your greens, the feel of your tee boxes, and what to do to prepare for the hot summer. It goes without saying that you debate how much rest your turf needs after that tournament, if over seeding makes sense this year, and if your turf color means something is wrong or maybe this is how it should look right now? Who knows, right?

We Do.

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We can do amazing things with your turf in and round Virginia. We can make it more vibrant, last longer, and grow strong. If you are interested in learning how or speaking to someone about it, go ahead and shoot us an email!