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What Composes the Top Putting Green Turf?

Synthetic Sporting Turf: Why It’s The Best Option For Sporting Grounds?

Why Synthetic Sporting Turf is Safe to Players Unlike natural grass, Synthetic Sporting Turf is easy to manage. Maintaining the sports ground at its best standards is good for the safety of players. in this post, we elaborate on what synthetic sporting turf is and why it is the best option for you. Synthetic Sporting […]

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Synthetic Sports Turf Installation — Best Practices

Synthetic sports turf can be the best investment for your playing grounds. To begin with, synthetic sports turf means lower maintenance costs and increased playability. Compared to sports ground with natural grass, artificial sports turf feels more even. This means fewer injuries and the grass does not get torn up by rough play. In the […]

Artificial Sports Turf Virginia —What You Need To Know/Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you planning to install artificial sports turf Virginia? Over the past years, artificial sports turf has been the rage. You will see artificial grass in almost every sporting ground. Installing artificial grass comes with several advantages from the initial rollout. Thus, choosing artificial grass is a big decision and a great investment. However, you […]

How to lay Synthetic Turf

How to Lay Synthetic Turf

How to lay synthetic sports turf is becoming a popular question nowadays. this is as the governments and sports managers across the world are turning to artificial grass. Unlike natural grass where you have to look for the good species, plant, be watering and weeding for a season or two before it is ready, sports […]

Clean sports grass

How to Clean Artificial Sports Grass

Clean Artificial Sports grass improves players performance. Thus, you need to come up with a plan to ensure clean artificial sports grass throughout. Do not forget that debris in the sports turfs can be hazardous to the users. Dirt also lowers the quality and life span of the turf. therefore, ensuring clean artificial sports grass […]

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Clean Artificial Sports Turf — What You Need To Know

A clean artificial sports turf means better playability and improves the player’s molarity. Dirty sports turfs are hazardous to users. Dirt also lowers the quality and life span of the turf. therefore, it is important that field managers ensure clean artificial sports turf all year round.  Climate and environmental conditions surrounding the field determine how […]