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Artificial Sports Turf Maintenance Tips

Many factors impact the playability of a sports field. The most important factor is proper artificial sports turf maintenance. While sports activities have been postponed following the global pandemic, it is important you ensure that your sports turf is getting proper maintenance routines. In this post, we cover important tips to help in the management of your artificial sports turf.  This is to ensure that the artificial sports turf is still playable when the games season resumes.

Regular cleaning To Get Rid of the Debris

Regular cleaning is an important upkeep procedure for your synthetic sports field. Ideally, proper cleaning procedures will ensure the sports turf longevity and prevents the buildup of dirt and grime. Therefore, it is recommended that sports turf maintenance procedures begin with coming up with a proper turf cleaning routine. This is considering how the sports turf is being used. For the playing surfaces, regular cleaning helps in rejuvenating the surface and prevents bumps and other inconsistencies that could affect its appearance. Therefore, do not forget proper cleaning as part of your artificial sports turf maintenance routine

Proper sanitization and Disinfection

 Another important procedure when it comes to maintenance of the sports turf is ensuring proper sanitization and disinfection. This is to protect the health of the players, especially this time of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Use the natural cleanser and disinfectant to remove any contaminants. This includes the nasty stuff like body fluids, drinks, bird droppings, and other contaminations. Ensure the use of proper disinfectant products that will kill and eliminate the existing microbes. Remember that concepts like the use of UV exposure, ozone treatment, using chlorine solutions, and similar products will not disinfect the surface. Therefore, look out for disinfecting products that will kill any microorganisms including bacteria, mold, viruses, and the germs. Most importantly, focus on getting the products that protect artificial sports turf.

Watering to Reduce Temperature On hot Days

High surface temperature is not a new problem when it comes to artificial sports turf maintenance. Ideally, the artificial sports turf will get hotter than the natural grass. Watering the artificial grass is one of the approaches for ensuring controlled temperatures alternatively, you may choose to replace the artificial grass with a lighter color of grass and a lighter color of infill to help in keeping the temperatures low. Remember that rubber infills will absorb and transfer heat. therefore, in case you are using rubber infill’s, it is recommended that you get none-rubber options.

Another option for controlling temperatures is covering the artificial lawn with shade sails that will block direct sunlight. The shade sails will help in blocking direct sunlight and reduce heat absorption.

Hire a professional to ensure your artificial sports turf is well maintained. At commonwealth sports turf services we provide professional sports turf maintenance solutions. Contact us today for professional sports turf solutions.