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Artificial Sports Turf Maintenance Tips during the Playing Season

Artificial Sports Turf Maintenance Tips during the Playing Season

Do you know that synthetic turf is not maintenance free? Maintenance of synthetic turf is not as simple as it is often described. There are several considerations when it comes to the maintenance of sports turf. In this article, we discuss some important artificial turf maintenance tips for the playing season. Keep reading to find out.

  1. Artificial Sports Turf Requires Regular Cleaning to Get Rid of Debris

During the playing season, you need to consider cleaning the sports turf quite often to ensure there isn’t any debris. The debris on the sports ground is not only a safety concern to the players, but they also have a bad appearance. Thus, it is important that as sports turf manager you come up with a good cleaning routine to ensure the ground is clean before and after the matches.

  1. Ensure Sports Ground Sanitation and Disinfection to Protection the Players

Another important artificial sports turf maintenance practice is ensuring you sanitize and disinfect the sports ground. This will help in protecting the players. Consider that while playing, the players accidentally fall on the ground and there is a possibility they might be infected with germs in case the ground is not disinfected. Therefore, consider coming up with a disinfection plan to ensure the sports ground is always clean and safe for the players.

  1. Proper Ground Upkeep to Prevent Wearing Out Quickly

Another important practice you should consider is ensuring the ground doesn’t wear out quickly. Basically, this involves repairing the sections of the playground that are worn-out or torn out during play. During the games season, sections of the turf will wear out and need to be repaired regularly. As such, it is important that you consider performing routine checkups to identify and repair the parts that are worn out.

  1. Consider Watering on the Hotter Days to Reduce Temperatures

During the hot sunny days, the artificial turf will become hotter than the natural grass. To make the artificial field comfortable to play on during the hotter days, consider watering. Think of how uncomfortable it feels walking on hot sand or concrete. To ensure the artificial sports ground is cooler like the natural grass; ensure that you water it before the game starts.

Those are some of the basic artificial sports ground maintenance tips. These will ensure that your sports ground is comfortable to play on throughout the season. You might want to hire a professional sports turf manager to oversee these maintenance procedures.

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