Artificial Sports Turf Maintenance Tips

In any sports turf whether natural or artificial, to ensure playability you need a proper maintenance plan. For the artificial turf, most people think that just the installation is what matters. However, there is much to proper maintenance of the turf than just installing. In this post, we feature some of the most important sports turf maintenance tips for your consideration.

Ensure you have the right equipment

Just before you start damaging the artificial sports in the name of maintenance, make sure that you have invested in the right equipment. just because it is the artificial turf, it does not mean that you will not need tools and equipments for the maintenance job. Do away with the lawn mower, but ensure that you have the right brush for cleaning the artificial lawn. Use of the wrong tools and equipment will destroy the artificial sports turf, resulting to additional cost repairing the field. Therefore, make sure that you using the recommended artificial turf supplies for cleaning the field. Buying the equipment and tools required for maintenance of the sports turf might be expensive. Rather than incur the cost, you can hire a sports turf maintenance company to avoid the cost.

Ensure regular cleaning of the artificial sports turf

Cleaning of the sports turf is not only important for appearance, it is also important when it comes to ensuring safety of the players. Consider that winds will carry debris that can hurt the players when playing on the artificial sports turf. In addition, accumulation of dirt on the sports turf can result into degraded appearance of the sports turf.

Regular Brushing of the sports turf

The natural grass will stand uprightly, and so should the artificial sports turf. Keep in mind that the synthetic sports turf will bend over time, and so to ensure a proper appearance you ought to ensure regular brushing. Use the stiff brush to ensure the blades look sharp and aligned. For a perfect job, use a brush with synthetic bristles, and use enough force.

Therefore, you know what you ought to do to ensure proper maintenance of the sports turf. At Commonwealth Sports Turf, we provide maintenance and installation of the sports turf in Virginia. Talk to us today for a free estimate on the services that we provide.