Basic Turfgrass Management Calendar

Basic Turfgrass Management Calendar

Every sporting field requires high-end maintenance and management services. Regardless of the type of field surface that is used by any given team, it is essential to have the right turfgrass services provided for durable and resilient fields. Whatever the field situation, Commonwealth Sports Turf has got it covered by providing high-quality services to ensure a perfect turf that provides optimum safety for the players. We maintain, repair and consult on ideal and quality outdoor playing surfaces for athletic fields, baseball fields, football fields, soccer fields, golf fields as well as parks.

At Commonwealth Sports Turf, we respond quickly to everyone’s needs and deliver services that are tailored to meet specific needs. We provide our clients with a knowledgeable and highly competent team to provide onsite technical expertise with the best equipment in the industry. Some of the commonly offered services include;

Soil Analysis

Basic Turfgrass Management CalendarWe start by carefully analyzing the soil of each field so as to determine the field’s conditions and come up with appropriate recommendations. By studying the soil texture one can identify the root causes of under performing fields and address the right deficiencies with minimal costs. Therefore, analyzing the current nutrient soil composition is the first step in turfgrass management. Field hardness testing is also crucial at this stage to assess the natural turf’s hardness as the soils harden commonly due to soil compaction. This is done to enhance the players’ safety by reducing injuries arising from hard playing surfaces.


Basic Turfgrass Management CalendarAeration is a working solution to combating soil compaction. We offer deep tine aeration as well as core aeration that helps to allow better penetration of air, water, nutrients and fertilizer into the root zone. Aeration opens up the soil channels and increases the pore spaces making the soil move easily upon impact thus softening the surface of the ground. Our deep tine aerator uses a series of 7-10 inches of coring tines and helps replenish the surface and deep soil issues. To produce long lasting results, aeration options will be determined by factors like weather conditions, turf growth patterns, soil compatibility and field use schedule.

Core Redistribution

A turfgrass sweeper is used to collect the core pieces removed during aeration that are later distributed to the areas that require immediate repair. Core redistribution helps maintain healthier grass as the core pieces contain vital nutrients and roots that start growing immediately as compared to using seed and fertilizer only.

Top Dressing

This involves the addition of sand and composts into the soil profile to enhance the absorbency rate of water, nutrients and oxygen through the soil and into the roots. Top dressing will therefore, enhance drainage, improve the crowns of existing greens resulting in denser grass, allow better root development and even level out uneven field surfaces. Uneven fields can be a huge obstacle to achieving optimal players’ performance. However, Commonwealth Sports Turf makes it their business to get rid of all the bumps and hollows in the field services. We keep detailed records of top dressing and aeration procedures applied each time and thus help to make a great impact on the turfgrass management calendar.


This entails removing all the unnecessary thatch and top coatings from Bermuda grass that grow after some period of time. We have competent personnel who will carry out the procedure cautiously and increase the chances of faster turf recovery. Verticutting will lead to a well groomed and vibrant playing field that is not only pleasant to the eye but provides a wonderful game experience.

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