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Basics Before Purchasing Artificial Sports Turf

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Thousands of new sports ground in America are being done using the artificial sports ground turf. Field owners have shown a great enjoyment on the appearance of the field after installing the artificial turf. In addition, players show an improved performance as the field offers a great playability and longevity.

Before settling on use of artificial turf for your sports field, it is important you understand some basics. First, come up with the objectives of why you would consider installing artificial sports turf on your fied. For most first time installers, the objective is to:

  1. Maximize the appearance and the longevity of the synthetic turf
  2. Ensure a maximum performance and playability
  3. To address the field usage issues such as age, the hours of use and type of usage
  4. Meet the field’s minimum requirements as set by professionals.

Here are some basics you need before purchasing the artificial sports turf.

  • Its not Maintenance Free!

Prior to making a purchase of the artificial sports turf, you need to understand that this is not a maintenance free system. Most buyers will go artificial thinking that it is the best for avoiding the fee paid for sports ground maintenance. The reality is that the artificial grass requires maintenance.

  • It Comes with a Warranty

It is important that the purchaser obtains the sports turf warranty and a set of guidelines when it comes to maintenance. You need to ask questions so as to understand the implications while also seeking to understand the requirements for all year maintenance.

  • The Purchase or Design Considerations

Another important factor to have in mind when making the purchase considerations is the extra in fill and the repair materials required. Do you need an extra synthetic turf? For the synthetic turf with an irrigation system, consult the irrigation specialist to ensure the system won’t cause the field to become oversaturated.

  • Establish Responsibility

Who will be responsible for regular synthetic turf maintenance? This includes who will do the repairs, as well as the cost of repairs. The synthetic sports turf maintenance can be done by field owner who has own maintenance equipment and trained personnel to engage. Alternatively, the function is outsourced to experienced artificial turf maintenance companies.

When it comes to sports turf maintenance, the field owner personnel require a high level training to ensure the investment lasts for long. A better alternative is hiring a qualified and equipped company to conduct maintenance of sports Turf.

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