Braves’ New Turf Under Close Scrutiny

The Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves, in the not to distant future, will be playing in a new stadium on new turf. This has many fans, players, and coaches quite nervous, and excited. The turf played on at Turner Field was always one of the Braves advantages. Other teams would visit Turner field and not be able to handle how the ball would play off the turf. The Braves knew how to play it and this is why so many great fielders played on the Braves ball-club.

Many companies are most likely bidding on this project. the question comes back to the best turf to use. Do they join the likes of many other ball fields and use artificial turf, or do they use a grass like they have been using in Turner Field. For your information, the sod they have used at Turner Field is a Bermuda Grass that is drought resistant. This is a good grass to use on Southern stadiums, where in Northern stadiums, Kentucky Bluegrass is usually the choice.

A wise choice would be to seek advice from a turf provider in Richmond. Commonwealth Sports Turf Surfaces is the leading authority on the best playing surfaces for stadiums. They can not only advise on turf choices, but they can provide a comprehensive maintenance plan that would make the players and owners proud of their turf.

New Turf Considerations

When installing turf on baseball, football, and other sport’s fields, there are many factors that need to be considered. Commonwealth Sports Turf would consider:

  • Player Safety. This must be the first and foremost factor. No team can afford to have injuries because of the turf used on the field.
  • Durability. The turf gets a lot of abuse from cleats and other actions. It needs to be able to withstand all of it.
  • Irrigation. Real grass needs water. Consideration needs to be given on how the grass will be watered and fed.
  • Drainage. Too much water can kill grass. There needs to be a good drainage system.

A plan needs to be put into place for the best turf to install in the Braves new play area. The best way to do this is to first study the soil that exists there now. From that study, choices will be narrowed down. Will the soil handle a Bermuda grass? Does added soil need to be hauled in? What sort of maintenance plan needs to be instituted for the best results depending on the climate?

All eyes are upon the owners and managers of the Atlanta Braves to see what the plan will be. Will the new playing field be fast like Turner Field was in the days that Chipper Jones played? Will they slow it down with a longer and thicker grass that could also cause injuries?

Yes, it is true: the Braves’ new turf is under very close scrutiny. Commonwealth Sports Turf Surfaces.

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Turner Field: Home of the Atlanta Braves by Geoff Livingston

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