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Clean Artificial Sports Turf — What You Need To Know

A clean artificial sports turf means better playability and improves the player’s molarity. Dirty sports turfs are hazardous to users. Dirt also lowers the quality and life span of the turf. therefore, it is important that field managers ensure clean artificial sports turf all year round. 

Climate and environmental conditions surrounding the field determine how often to clean the field will be be cleaned. For instance, in Autumn when trees shed leaves, you have to clean the field almost daily.  There are 2 methods to clean artificial grass;

a)Manual method- in this method grass cleaner is mixed with water in a large container.

b)Use of pressure washer method- in this method grass cleaner and water are poured and mixed in the detergent tank of the pressure washer.

Irrespective of the method used, clean artificial sports turf should involve the following practices. 

Collect Leaves and Dust

Before venturing into deep cleaning, collect all the leaves which may have fallen from the trees surrounding them. Using a specific soft broom or brush intended for that task, sweep the entire field gently from one direction to the end. This physical process should be done keenly to leave the field intact. After sweeping, put all the litter in the dust bin and carry it away.

Clean Artificial Sports Turf and Rinse

After the application of the artificial grass cleaner, either manually or by the use of a pressure washer, thorough rinsing is vital. Use horse piped water with good pressure. By so doing, clean water will remove any dirt left and the cleaner.

 Do Not Allow Playing on Wet Surface

Give the artificial grass enough time to dry and this should be under natural conditions. Playing on a wet surface can result in accidents. 

Clean Artificial Sports Turf and Brush it 

When brushing target areas where the brush was used when cleaning, this is where flattening may have occurred. If this process is done gently and carefully, artificial grass blades will be left looking uniform. Generally, the whole field will look smart and newer.

Lookout For moss growth

Get rid of the growing moss and prevent fresh growth. Use a plastic leaf rake or a quality brush that will not harm the surface, remove as much moss growth as possible. This will determine the amount of moss killer you will use and the speed at which the moss will be eliminated. The more moss growth you remove, the better. This means using less moss killer and a high reaction rate thus faster elimination.

Finally, apply the moss eliminator when the surface is dry. Moss spores and moss growth are killed. It also remains on the surface to hinder re-growth.

Prevent weeds around your artificial grass

Uproot all the weeds which can be seen on the artificial grass edges. Apply recommended herbicide in areas where perennial weeds grow.

Hire Professionals To Clean Artificial Sports Turf

Experienced professionals understand the importance of keeping the artificial turf clean. The professionals know the right procedures for cleaning the artificial turf and have the right tools needed to keep the field clean. moreover, the experienced professionals will help with the overall artificial turf maintenance, and not just helping to clean artificial turf. 


At Commonwealth Sports Turf, we provide professional services when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of the artificial sports turf. Our services are available at competitive market prices, while our experienced staff provide an outstanding service. Contact us for onsite consultation and free estimates.   

Verticutting Golf Course Maintenance

Sports field Verticutting and Why It’s Important

Sports field verticutting is the removal of thatch buildup on your lawn to allow the turf to breathe better. A layer of dead grass and roots built up on your lawn results in thatch’s formation. Verticutting, therefore, ensures that the blades of your lawn absorb all moisture instead of the thatch. in essence, verticutting is essential for your lawn’s visual appeal and health to verticut.

Importance of Sports field Verticutting

It’s essential to verticut your sports field to allow absorption of nutrients and oxygen. Sports field verticutting improves the drainage because it removes debris and other unwanted matter. When the lawn is verticut perfectly, dirt is removed, thus improving the lawn’s overall health and vigor. Verticutting promotes water conservation because it ensures that moisture supplied to your yard reaches the roots. Since verticutting removes the fatty layer of thatch that weighs down your grass, it will enhance the blade’s upright growth. Vertcutting thus improves the surface smoothness. Since thatch allows insects and diseases to reproduce with ease, Verticutting will reduce the direct threat to your lawn grass’s good health. When you choose to make Verticutting your lawn care routine, you will keep your grass healthy and green all year long.

How Sports field Verticutting is Done

To verticut, use high-quality verticutter. The verticutter blades cut down into the thatch while avoiding damaging the healthy grass. The depth of the edges is typically adjusted so that they can penetrate the lawn canopy. After cutting the dead layer, it’s broken up and brought to the surface, where it’s easy to collect and remove. Verticutting the yard is performed as often as you prefer and at any time. However, when you walk across your lawn, and it feels spongy, you have a thatch buildup that needs to verticutted Verticutting services on your property are recommended according to the rate of growth of the grass at any given time. If your thatch is half an inch thick or thicker, your turf could use an excellent verticutting session. Since verticutting the lawn is followed by overseeding, core aeration can follow to allow more air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeply into the soil.

Tips For Best Results When Verticutting.

You should water the grass two days before verticutting, or you do it after a light rain. All clippings and dethatching materials should not remain on your turf. You should water the lawn after verticutting to promote new growth. Ensure you mark and locate any underground cables or utility lines before verticutting.


At Commonwealth Sports Turf Services, we deliver a distinct level of quality when it comes to sports turf maintenance services. We exceed expectations, ensuring complete satisfaction when hired for routine lawn care. Call us for the best verticutting services on your property. Our services will enhance your lawn’s visual appeal and protect the grass from damage. Contact us for all your sports turf installation and maintenance.

How to ensure the best and safe sports field for children

Safe Sports Field-The Tips you need to know

Students are encouraged to participate in sports, for the physical and psychological benefits that come with playing. A child’s participation in sports increases his fitness and self-esteem. It also improves teamwork and self-discipline. As students participate in sports, it’s therefore the duty of school management to ensure safe sports fields. Therefore as students take part in sports, they are safe from injuries to their bodies, and disease-causing organisms.

In this post, we elaborate the different ways of ensuring safe sports field. Let’s jump right in!

Artificial grass to ensure Safe Sports Field

Artificial sports turf is child- friendly because it provides a cushioned landing. In the case of little trips and falls, while the children are playing, the landing ground is friendly. In addition, artificial grass does not require chemicals to grow. Therefore, in the case of bruises, there is no risk of a child’s skin coming into contact with the chemicals, like is the case in natural grass.  

The artificial grass creates a safe and clean environment. The natural grass has pollen which causes allergy. However, artificial grass is allergy free all year round, keeping the children safe during their sports. It’s also mud free so your children hygiene during sports is taken care of. Unlike natural grass which provides a good environment for bugs and pests artificial grass is pest free which enhances your children safety. Overall, artificial grass provides safe sports field.

Regular cleaning Ensures Safe Sports Field

 Sports field requires consistent and thorough cleaning to make it safe for use by children. Regular sports field cleaning ensures it’s free from germs which can affect the health of your children. Any litter and leaves should be collected frequently. If you have natural grass, the weeds should be uprooted and the grass trimmed regularly, to provide a safe sports field.

Disinfect the field before and after play

Cleaning and disinfecting your sports field kills bacteria, hence prevents the spread of diseases. Bear in mind that, sicknesses hinder the child’s participation in sports. Use the right products and tools to disinfect the sports field regularly. This will prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses from making a cozy home for themselves in your sport field.

Ensure there are no obstacles in the sport field

To ensure safety for your children go round the field and remove any obstacles. The obstacles could include stones, tree stumps, uneven surfaces, etc.  This will prevent your children from tripping and falling thus injuring them. Any hole appearing on the sport field should be well covered as they may be hazardous for your children.

Hire an Experienced Sports Turf Maintenance Company

An experienced professional has the right tolls and skills for sports turf maintenance, Therefore, engage a professional to ensure the children remain safe for players.


If we follow these steps consistently our children will be safe and will grow healthy with self-esteem and self confidence. Are you looking for an experienced sports turf maintenance company in Virginia? Talk to Commonwealth Sorts Turf today. We provide professional services, guaranteeing the safety of your children, and sports field users in general.

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Professional Sports Turf Maintenance Procedures No One Told You About

Professional sports turf maintenance is an important aspect when it comes to ensuring the safety of players. Ideally, the players will not perform well if there are any concerns that the sports field is unsafe. In that regard, it is within the duty of sports turf management committee to ensure professional sports turf maintenance procedures tailored to ensure maximum safety of players, and by extension, the safety of speculators. So, what does professional sports turf maintenance entail? In this post, we look at different items to take into consideration when dealing with maintenance of your sports turf. Keep reading to discover the important tips.

Professional management of sports turf soils

The health of your sports field grass depends on the quality of care taken upon the sports turf soils. In that regard, we recommend a professional approach when it comes to management of soils. Note that the sports field soil is made up of varying amounts of mineral solids, organic matter, water, air, and microorganism and macro organisms. Therefore, wit is worth noting that the life of the soil should not be underestimated. A balancing of the micro and macro organisms helps in maintenance of the soil structure, and it is effective when it comes to suppressing of plant pests.  Ensure turf grass management practices that promote the health of the soil. Examples of these procedures include

  • Deep-Tine Aeration
  • Core Aeration
  • Top Dressing

Engage a qualified and experienced professional for correct balancing of soil nutrients to promote growth of sports field grass.

Consider Adding Synthetic Field

Several factors impact the capacity of the sports turf to handle the high usage. Examples of these factors include the type of soil, the grass species, weather conditions, and even the kind of sport. In most cases, the natural grass can take just so much before the grass starts thinning and compaction becomes severe. Therefore, the natural grass may not meet the aesthetic expectations and playability standards, requiring switching to the artificial sports turf. Professional sports field maintenance advice use the synthetic turf field to ensure 24 hour playability, and allowing the native soil to rest adequately. Eventually, synthetic sports turf ensures minimal involvement when it comes to sports turf maintenance.

Come up With Routine Care Procedures

Sports turf maintenance procedures can be an overwhelming task. However, it is important noting that experienced sports turf maintenance protects your players while guaranteeing opportunities to hold major sporting activities. Ideally, professional sports turf maintenance, can be simplified if you come up with a routine care procedure. For instance, regular field assessment, mowing, watering, cultivating and overseeding will keep the sports field in its top shape.

Engage Qualified Professionals

As illustrated, it is all about ensuring professional sports turf maintenance. No one can do this better than an experienced professional does. Therefore, engage professional sports turf maintenance experts near you today.

Are you looking for experts in sports turf maintenance in Virginia? Contact Commonwealth sports Turf Services today for the best experience when it comes to maintenance of your sports turf.  

Turf Maintenance For Virginia’s December Weather

Sports Ground Maintenance Procedures: How to Maintain Your Sports Turf

Sports ground maintenance should be an all-year-round practice. Essentially,  it does not matter whether it is off-season or on-season. Proper maintenance of your sports ground keeps it playable and comes with other benefits. Starting from better playing conditions to the safety of your sportsmen and women, make sure you have a sports ground maintenance plan. In this post, we feature different sports ground maintenance procedures to consider.

Soil Aerification

Aerification is one of the sports turf maintenance procedures carried out during the off-season. Considering that the grassroots could become tangled causing soil compaction, you need to ensure a regular soil aerification procedure. Basically, aerification helps in making sure that the grass is getting the right amount of nutrients on a daily basis. If neglected, the compacted soil could result in drying of the natural grass. Therefore, this could force the sports ground maintenance committee into buying new patches of grass to replace the dead patches. Generally, soil aerification involves poking small holes in the soil to allow oxygen and other nutrients to pass deeper into the soil. This provides the grass with the necessary nutrients, ensuring well-balanced grass growth.

Top Dressing

Regular topdressing is another important sports ground maintenance procedure involving the use of sand, compost, or a blend of both into the existing soil profile. Generally, top dressing ensures compost gets into the root zone of the grass so that the grass will utilize the compost. Proper top dressing aids in decreasing compaction and provides a safer playing ground. Topdressing is meant to allow the grass to grow strong, healthy, and thick, and should be done by certified professionals to ensure the correct application of fertilizer. Note that using excess fertilizer could lead to PG imbalance, affecting grass growth.


How regular do you mow? Mowing is a critical sports ground maintenance procedure whether it is off-season or on-season. in that regard, proper mowing schedule puts the sports ground in a playable state and it is also important for sports ground aesthetics. The sports ground grass can grow at a significant rate so long as you provide the right environment. This includes elimination of weed to provide the grass enough nutrients for constant growth.


Often referred to as vertical mowing, verticutting is a sports ground maintenance procedure that uses a mower fitted with a reel that has short blades on it. Therefore, verticutting is not similar to aeration. The process slices and cuts into the soil allowing moisture, fertilizer, and nutrients to get to the roots removing thatch and foliage from the sports turf.

A critical benefit of verticutting is that it creates a more even look and feel of your sports turf. Overtime, verticutting helps the grass to grow thicker and healthier, improving playability.


Are you looking for a sports field maintenance expert? Talk to Commonwealth sports turf services for the best results. We provide world-class sports turf maintenance in Virginia and surrounding areas. Call us today!

How to Clean Artificial Grass

How to Clean Artificial Grass

Artificial grass requires minimal garden maintenance; thus, it saves time. It saves cost since it does not require any watering, fertilizers, mowing, trimming. To keep it looking fleshy, you need to get rid of any stains whenever they occur. It would help if you had a leaf blower, broom or plastic rake, and silica sand. Below are the best ways to clean artificial grass with easy and give it a perfect look all the time;

  1. Brush the Grass

 To maintain the springy, fresh grass effect, ensure you use a broom or plastic rake to brush the grass. If anything heavy as left marks on the artificial grass, brush against the grain to give it a spruced-up look. Make sure you start from one corner and work your way across one side while tackling the lawn in strips like you could if mowing it. If spills and stains, blot the liquids with a paper towel, clean the stains with detergent water, and use the toothbrush to remove any remaining stains. If snow and ice sweep a light dusting of snow, shovel heavy snow with a plastic shovel and allow the ice to melt.

  • Get Rid of the Leaves

To prevent weed growth on the turf, you need to get rid of the leaves continually. Use a leaf blower to remove the debris and leaves off the turf. It is easy to carry this out because one needs to collect it by hand or use a brush or dustpan. By doing this, the artificial grass looks clean and appealing, giving the environment an attractive look.

  • Remove Weeds

Weeds and Moss are likely to grow on the artificial turf, and should be an area of focus when you need to clean artificial grass. When it occurs, use a weed killer agent with a PH balance of 8 to get rid of it. Ensure to use the water-based Moss and after they die off, remove them along with the debris and the leaves.

  • Fill in the Turf with Sand

Spill the scatter silica sand across the turf. Use the broom to brush the sand in and distribute it evenly to the entire turf. Ensure there is no excess sand in some parts and keep off the turf for two hours before stepping on it.


Clean Artificial grass ensures lomnger lifespan. Always ensure you clean artificial grass whenever it accumulates any dirt in it. It would be best if you washed the dirt accordingly to avoid damages to your artificial turf. For professional sports turf maintenance in Virginia, contact us

Construction/Renovation of Athletic Fields

Sports Field Artificial Turf -What to Consider when Purchasing artificial turf

While installing sports field turf on your space, you need to consider more than just your budget. It is best to choose varying olive green, dark green, and lime green shades to get a lush and natural look. Ensure the turf is not entirely uniform since it adds a curb appeal.  Installing of fake turf is a wasted short term investment. Choose the original turf to ensure a durable cover on your space.

Quality of sports field artificial turf

Quality turf is likely to be more costly than the fake ones. Ensure to look for manufacturers or suppliers that have a range of products so that you can compare the different types available. A quality turf is well stitched, consistent color, and is even. It feels soft when you touch, so when buying online, requests for samples first so that you can choose according to your preference.

Pile Height

When choosing a turf, the length of the grass blades determines if it is of quality. For a natural lawn, ensure the height is height 30-37 mm. If you place furniture on the turf, a short size will work correctly. Brush the turf regularly to keep the blades upright and reduce wear out if you want a lush looking lawn to choose a tall pile height though they tend to be heavier. It causes it to bend due to gravitational pull making the lawn get a flat look as time goes by.

Density and Weight of sports field sports turf

The denser the turf, the more yarn content it has; thus, the the cost is high. In areas with heavy traffic, dense turf is more durable. It shows aesthetic appeal to the lawn, and if you can’t afford a dense turf, you can improve longevity by ensuring a sand fill. If you are installing turf on the balcony or rooftop, consider the load limit. When installing the turf at the backyard or garden, the weight does not require a lot of consideration.


Maintaining artificial turf is easy compared to maintaining natural grass. You should choose a synthetic turf depending on the time you can input in maintaining. Cheap turf requires more money to support, while expensive turf requires little maintenance. Consider the weather and the surroundings since falling debris requires more maintenance.  Some turf will require more care to handle than others, so choose what you can manage.

Color of sports field turf

Cheap turfs are likely to have single flat green shades while the actual synthetic grass contains a mixture of all greens. The green must have some brown flecks too. Ensure you get samples and place them outside to see how they complement the sun and your space. Keep away from perfect green turfs and choose the imperfect color. According to your preference, the paint must be of your liking before taking a turf that you are likely to regret later.


Artificial turf adds beauty to your space, and getting the right one for your lawn means minimal maintenance. Decide by considering the above requirements. At Commonwealth sports turf, we help you choose and install the best artificial sports field turf. Contact us today

What Composes the Top Putting Green Turf?

Top Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf over Natural Grass

Artificial turf consists of synthetic fibers that look like natural glass. Some rocks are between three-fourths to three-eighths, which blend perfectly with the artificial sub-base grass. They are typically used on residential lawns, an arena for sports e.g., football and basketball, and applied to commercials.  Cleary, it stands out and is a good investment for your Space. Below are the cons of using artificial turf.

1.   Your Space becomes Weed-free.

The unwanted growth of unnecessary plants becomes rare. You might have to pull them out as time goes by, but they are less than having a natural lawn. You are easily able the save the cost of weeding since they are controllable. Time used in weed plugging is usable on other activities instead of using your energy on it.

2.   Artificial Turf is Very Durable

Materials used to make the artificial turf adhere to every kind of traffic keep up with climate changes and are favorable on weather changes. For many years, it will withstand the tear and wear on it. The fibers being stable ensure the color is permanent since it is ultraviolet ray exposure.

3.   Saves Water

A natural lawn requires a lot of maintenance, including watering in the morning and in the evening. The water bill reduces since it doesn’t need water for survival. The artificial lawn needs water during cleaning only to get the dirt off it. It is ideal for places with severe drought.

4.   Low-cost maintenance

The natural lawn keeps growing and thus needs high maintenance. The artificial turf is plastic; therefore, no growth requires. It means that the only time it needs care is when the debris needs clearance. A variety of patterns are available to cut and adjust to shaping your preference.

5.   Good looking

It resembles a real natural lawn. The green color makes it conspicuous, and minimal effort is needed to keep it great looking. It is beautiful, and you can spend time playing on it with your family and friends without dealing with the grass allergy.

6.   Kids and Pet Friendly

It is antibacterial, thus preventing the spread of germs and bacteria to the children and your pet. While maintaining a natural lawn, products can react with the kid’s body, which is impossible on artificial grounds. Being on it is an assurance of safety, and you don’t have to fear exposure to harmful products.

7.   Chemical and Fertilizers Free

Since it doesn’t grow, it remains intact. Fertilizers harm the environment since they are mostly appliable to the natural lawn. It is free of toxin and remains perfect without the use of chemicals.

8.   Pressure resistant

The pressure caused by natural grass while walking is unlike on artificial turf. The turf blade bounces back and remains intact and upright as long as the filler is perfect. Foot traffic, bare or ruts that quickly cause pathways, is impossible in this case.

The artificial turf is easy to install and blends perfectly with your Space. In case you are tired of grass all over, this is the perfect alternative for you.

What Composes the Top Putting Green Turf?

Things To Look For When Hiring A Sports Field Grooming Company

From baseball to golf, sports turf grooming keeps the field looking good. Moreover, ensuring proper sports turf maintenance is critical to the safety and the health of players. When it comes to ensuring the sports turf is maintained appropriately, hire a qualified expert. Through professional skills and use of the right equipment, the company tasked with ensuring sports turf is well-groomed works to attain:

  • Proper footing for the athletes
  • Applies right procedures to provide artificial turf  resistance to wear and tear
  • Ensures proper cushioning on impact

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the sports turf grooming team to hire the most qualified team. However, the process can be overwhelming. This is especially at this time when we have so many companies claiming to offer professional sports turf maintenance. To help you hire the right sports turf maintenance team, here are some important tips to consider.

1. Consider the reputation of Sports Turf grooming Company

The internet has changed how we do different things. One of the things that we can do through the internet is researching the capabilities and reputation of different service providers. Thus, you can quickly jump into reviews websites to gather a wealth of knowledge relating to the reputation of different companies. The best service providers attract positive reviews. Thus, before you settle on a certain company, be sure to verify that their reputation is encouraging.

2. Is the Sports Turf Grooming Company Licensed and Insured?

Do not overlook the importance of verifying licensing and insurance details of every service provider you are considering to hire. When it comes to sports turf maintenance, licensed and insured companies provide peace of mind. To begin with, you will not have to worry about getting into trouble with the authorities. This is because the company working on your premises has met the required expectations. Further, the insurance covers any damages when the company is working.

3. Consider their Customer Service

How well does the company serve its customers? To avoid regretting working with certain entities, it is advisable that you hire a company that offers the best customer service. You can tell how good the customer service is from the time you walk into their offices.

4. Do they Have Professional Skills and the Right Tools

Another important aspect when hiring an agency to offer sports turf grooming service is how well the company is equipped. This is in terms of equipment and professional skills. Hire a company that meets the minimum professional skills and has the right tools for the job. Thus, you may have to check their equipment to ascertain they are in a good working state.

5. Price

What will be the cost of hiring a particular sports turf grooming company? It is advisable that you hire a company that will meet your budgetary requirements. Thus, ask for quotations to avoid surprises when you receive the invoice. Negotiate to ensure the service will be within the set budget.

Are you looking for a professional sports turf grooming Company in Virginia? Contact Commonwealth Sports Turf services for professional services. We provide the best services at an affordable rate. Call us today for an estimate on the services we offer.