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What Composes the Top Putting Green Turf?

How to Prepare the artificial turf for next playing season

is your artificial sports turf ready for next season games? Your players are already warming up for the next season, and you are hoping to carry the trophy. Therefore, it is important that you start practicing early. At the training camp, the coach is busy teaching them new tricks and coming up with strategies to counter the opponents in the coming season. Another important item you need to consider is the state of the sports field. When playing the home matches, your team as well as the opponents, should feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, you need to practice artificial sports turf maintenance procedures in order to succeed. In this article, we feature the artificial sports turf maintenance tips you should have at fingertips in order to keep the field safe and comfortable for the players. Let us take a look.

Your players are already warming up for the next season, and you are hoping to carry the trophy. Therefore, it is important that you start practicing early. At the training camp, the coach is busy teaching them new tricks and coming up with strategies to counter the opponents in the coming season. Another important item you need to consider is the state of the sports field. When playing the home matches, your team as well as the opponents, should feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, you need to practice artificial sports turf maintenance procedures in order to succeed. In this article, we feature the sports turf maintenance tips you should have at fingertips in order to keep the field safe and comfortable for the players. Let us take a look.

Only use the recommended equipment for sports turf cleaning

It is important that you consider the type of equipment that you are using for sports turf maintenance. The artificial grass has different requirements from the natural grass. Therefore, you need to know that using the essential tools will help you when it comes to maintenance of the sports turf. Avoid using the damaging metal bristles when cleaning the field. Instead, make use of the plastic bristles, which feel, nice and comfortable to the artificial turf.

Clean and rinse the artificial sports turf

When it comes to taking good care of the sports turf on a regular basis, the essential steps are clean, rinse, and brush the artificial sports turf. Cleaning and rinsing the artificial turf regularly will help to keep away stubborn stains and the mild stains that affect the look of the sports turf. Therefore, if not done weekly, make sure this is done at least once a month. Pests might leave stains or marks somewhere in the sports turf making the turf look not too pleasant. Although this might not be noticeable within the start of the season, as the stain stays longer it even affects longevity of the sports turf. In that regard, make sure that you have cleaned and rinsed the artificial sports turf accordingly. Therefore, clean up a spill as quickly as possible and rinse the area using recommended artificial sports turf cleaning detergents.

Hire an expert

Artificial sports turf maintenance is a profession by itself. However, some think it is an easy practice and end up hiring anyone who applies for the job. In the end, the artificial sports turf is damaged owing to poor maintenance practices. Hiring an expert in artificial sports turf maintenance guarantees you best practices when it comes to maintenance of the sports field.

Hire Commonwealth Sports Turf Services for the maintenance of your artificial sports turf. We shall ensure the sports field is in good state at the start and throughout the playing season. Contact us today for a free estimate on sports turf maintenance.

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Why sports turf maintenance is important and important maintenance tips.

Investing in safe sports field should be the first priority for every sports turf manager. Whether managing school grounds, children playgrounds or youth sports ground, it is absolutely important you consider the safety features incorporated in the design of the sports turf. In this page, we feature some reasons why sports turf is important, and then we will cover the best approaches for ensuring a properly managed sports turf. Keep reading to find out.

Reasons for Investing in Sports Turf Management

Minimizes pest infestation

Pests like hiding in places where there is no disturbance. Effective sports turf management involves cleaning all corners and the drainage as well. Through effective management of the sports turf, we will ensure minimal pest infestation. The professionals will be keen on this, and hence the reason why you need a professional sports turf manager. Through proper sports turf management, there will be high chances of reducing the occurrence of pests.

Soil Aeration

This is another important reason you need to maintain the sports turf. Through exposing the soil to air, this reduces the compact nature enhancing the movement of water into the soil. This is only done during the off-season.

3. To ensure safety of players

This is probably the most common reason why people consider sports turf maintenance. A properly maintained sports turf ensures the safety of the players. This, of course, comes with additional advantages, as the players will perform well knowing that their safety has been taken care of.

Now that you know the importance of proper sports turf maintenance, let us have a look at some of the different maintenance tips.

Routine care

Sports field required routine care. This can be divided into phases involving different routines. For instance, you want to carry out field assessment to check the condition and performance. ideally, field assessment involves analyzing the condition of the field and conducting a thorough review of the management practices.

Synthetic turf repairs

The use of synthetic turf has gained popularity in different places. The synthetic turf ensures a consistent surface and presents a consistent quality and set maintenance regime. Note that synthetic turf seems simple to maintain, but then it is necessary you consult the experts  

Talk to Experts for sports turf maintenance

The other important fact about sports turf maintenance is consulting an expert. Make sure that you engage experienced personnel for sports turf management. Commonwealth Sports Turf services offer expert maintenance services. Contact us today for sports turf services that change the game.

What Composes the Top Putting Green Turf?

What You Need to Know When Purchasing Artificial Sports Turf

If you find that you are already overwhelmed by all the sports field maintenance activities, you might want to consider a more practical approach for enjoying a faultless sports field. The artificial sports field will save you from endless maintenance activities and you do not have to spend hours in maintenance activities. So, would you want to enjoy more relaxed sports turf maintenance, the artificial sports turf is the way to go. However, for dozens of sports turf managers, the worry is how to get it right when it comes to maintenance of the sports field. In this article, I feature some of the things you need to consider when purchasing the artificial sports turf. Keep reading to find out.

  1. Identify Your Needs

Is it a commercial sports field, a children’s play ground or clubs sporting ground? If It’s a school in need for somewhere for students kickabouts, the needs are different from a commercial sporting ground. Thus, long before you begin the sports turf project, you need a sit down to determine the purpose for which the sports ground will be used. In addition, you need to identify the sports that will be played on the sporting grounds.

  • Pick the Perfect Sports Turf

Synthetic grass varies depending on a number of factors. For sports field managers, this is somewhat the toughest decision to make in their career. You need to choose a high-quality sports turf. This is to be sure that you are getting optimal performance from your teams in the case of clubs sporting ground. Thus, do your research to be able to find the best artificial grass. Check out the online reviews and investigate the product range. You might seek assistance from an expert to be assured that you understand the different qualities available in the market.

  • Do the Math

You know that the sporting ground varies in terms of dimension depending on the type of games to be played. The lay of the land also determines the cost of the sports turf. Consider the cost of ongoing maintenance remember that with artificial grass, you can save money as well as save time. It is easy to clean and doesn’t require mowing. Therefore, the relative cost of maintaining the artificial sports ground is low.

Listed above are some of the factors you need to have in mind when purchasing the artificial sports turf. Contact Commonwealth sports Turf for the best artificial sports turf.


Maintaining your Sports Turf During the Rainy Season

The sports field is important for youth, adults, and children. This is why communities, clubs, and schools choose maintenance of sports field. They are used for athletics, as baseball fields, and as soccer fields. Therefore, you will want to make sure the sports turf is maintained appropriately to enjoy a great playing season. As seasons change, you need to ensure your field is adapting to the different seasons and that you will not incur the cost of field replacement after a rainy season. In this article, we feature important tips for ensuring your sports turf is ready for the rainy season. Keep reading to find out what you should do before the rains begin and during the rainy season.

  • Make Sure the Drainage System is in good Condition

The advantage of using synthetic grass is that it offers terrific drainage. This is because of the porous nature of the artificial grass helping it to drain well. Therefore, even during the wet weather, you do not have to worry much about drainage. However, this does not mean that you do not need to mind the drainage system. To ensure that your synthetic field will have a perfect drainage, start by getting it laid perfectly. You need top contact a professional to get this right. Some sports turf managers are knowledgeable on this, but lack the appropriate equipment. That is why you require an expert.  Therefore, with a well-laid artificial grass, you should not experience drainage issues when it rains.

  • Brush Up the Artificial Grass

There is a possibility that the artificial lawn is left flattened after the heavy rains. This is the same effect the artificial grass will have when someone sleeps on the lawn. This is something that can be sorted out using the right equipment. With a brush that has soft bristles, you can effectively do this. To make sure it is done uniformly, hire a qualified artificial lawn maintenance expert. They will use appropriate equipment ensuring that the entire sports turf has a uniform look. Therefore, you will not experience a matted look on the artificial grass. Make sure you keep checking for flattened patches as this is done.

  • Get Rid of soggy Substances

There are high chances for the sports field looking soggy especially after the rains. This ends up getting stuck on the field. It can be bits of food, plastic bags or anything that can be brought to the field by the winds. It is simple to remove the pieces of rubbish that collect on the field. However some awkward things like a chewing gum gets stuck on the lawn. An expert will easily remove this leaving the ground playable.  

Those three important sports turf maintenance tips will leave the playing grounds looking good. You do not need to invest in the expensive sports maintenance equipment. Hire a qualified sports turf maintenance expert in Virginia for an excellent work. At commonwealth Sports Turf Services, we offer the best services. Contact us today!

Tips on How to maintain Your Artificial Sports Turf in Rainy Season

Tips on How to maintain Your Artificial Sports Turf in Rainy Season

Is your artificial sports turf ready for the rainy season? One of the frequently asked questions when it comes to sports turf maintenance relates to ensuring the artificial grass is on top condition during the rainy seasons. By hiring professional sports turf maintenance professionals you will not need to worry about your sports ground the forthcoming rainy season. Here are some important tips to have in mind.

  1. Ensure you have a Proper Drainage system

A great advantage of the artificial grass is that it offers you a terrific drainage during the wet weather. Even when the rains are heavy, there is no risk of big puddles of the water forming and staying there in the way that it happens on the natural rainy. This will be better if you consider having a drainage done right. Ensure that the drainage around the sports ground is done right. This is something that can be done from the time of preparing the sports ground before installation of artificial grass or even later when the artificial grass is laid. Provided you have the best equipment to ensure minimal damage on the artificial lawn, you will be able to enjoy a great playing season even during the rainy seasons.

  • Brush the Artificial Grass Upright if Need be

A period of heavy rains might possibly leave your artificial sports ground flattened. This will most likely happen when a heavy object or someone is lying on the grass. Grass can also be flattened by sustained rain. Groom the artificial grass using the recommended brushes to ensure it looks great even after heavy rains. Ensure you keep an eye for any flattened patches and fix them quickly as you can. This ensures that your artificial grass looks health and also it is well maintained.

  • Get Rid of Soggy Stuff that Gets Stuck

During the rainy season, there is a high likelihood that it will get soggy and ends up stuck to the grass. This can be waste bags, bits of snacks left behind by fans, leaves from surrounding trees or flowers around the pitch, or any other objects. These are a big risk especially when players are back on pitch. Get rid of these immediately to ensure the sports ground is safe for the players.

  • Hire a Professional

Professional artificial sports turf maintenance agencies have what it takes for proper sports turf maintenance. By hiring a professional, you are guaranteed a top look for your sports turf. At Commonwealth Sports Turf Services, we offer professional sports turf maintenance. Contact us today for a free quotation.

sports turf

Basics Before Purchasing Artificial Sports Turf

sports turf

Thousands of new sports ground in America are being done using the artificial sports ground turf. Field owners have shown a great enjoyment on the appearance of the field after installing the artificial turf. In addition, players show an improved performance as the field offers a great playability and longevity.

Before settling on use of artificial turf for your sports field, it is important you understand some basics. First, come up with the objectives of why you would consider installing artificial sports turf on your fied. For most first time installers, the objective is to:

  1. Maximize the appearance and the longevity of the synthetic turf
  2. Ensure a maximum performance and playability
  3. To address the field usage issues such as age, the hours of use and type of usage
  4. Meet the field’s minimum requirements as set by professionals.

Here are some basics you need before purchasing the artificial sports turf.

  • Its not Maintenance Free!

Prior to making a purchase of the artificial sports turf, you need to understand that this is not a maintenance free system. Most buyers will go artificial thinking that it is the best for avoiding the fee paid for sports ground maintenance. The reality is that the artificial grass requires maintenance.

  • It Comes with a Warranty

It is important that the purchaser obtains the sports turf warranty and a set of guidelines when it comes to maintenance. You need to ask questions so as to understand the implications while also seeking to understand the requirements for all year maintenance.

  • The Purchase or Design Considerations

Another important factor to have in mind when making the purchase considerations is the extra in fill and the repair materials required. Do you need an extra synthetic turf? For the synthetic turf with an irrigation system, consult the irrigation specialist to ensure the system won’t cause the field to become oversaturated.

  • Establish Responsibility

Who will be responsible for regular synthetic turf maintenance? This includes who will do the repairs, as well as the cost of repairs. The synthetic sports turf maintenance can be done by field owner who has own maintenance equipment and trained personnel to engage. Alternatively, the function is outsourced to experienced artificial turf maintenance companies.

When it comes to sports turf maintenance, the field owner personnel require a high level training to ensure the investment lasts for long. A better alternative is hiring a qualified and equipped company to conduct maintenance of sports Turf.

Contact commonwealth Sports Turf Services today for specialized maintenance of artificial Sports turf.

What Composes the Top Putting Green Turf?

Artificial Sports Turf Maintenance Tips during the Playing Season

Artificial Sports Turf Maintenance Tips during the Playing Season

Do you know that synthetic turf is not maintenance free? Maintenance of synthetic turf is not as simple as it is often described. There are several considerations when it comes to the maintenance of sports turf. In this article, we discuss some important artificial turf maintenance tips for the playing season. Keep reading to find out.

  1. Artificial Sports Turf Requires Regular Cleaning to Get Rid of Debris

During the playing season, you need to consider cleaning the sports turf quite often to ensure there isn’t any debris. The debris on the sports ground is not only a safety concern to the players, but they also have a bad appearance. Thus, it is important that as sports turf manager you come up with a good cleaning routine to ensure the ground is clean before and after the matches.

  1. Ensure Sports Ground Sanitation and Disinfection to Protection the Players

Another important artificial sports turf maintenance practice is ensuring you sanitize and disinfect the sports ground. This will help in protecting the players. Consider that while playing, the players accidentally fall on the ground and there is a possibility they might be infected with germs in case the ground is not disinfected. Therefore, consider coming up with a disinfection plan to ensure the sports ground is always clean and safe for the players.

  1. Proper Ground Upkeep to Prevent Wearing Out Quickly

Another important practice you should consider is ensuring the ground doesn’t wear out quickly. Basically, this involves repairing the sections of the playground that are worn-out or torn out during play. During the games season, sections of the turf will wear out and need to be repaired regularly. As such, it is important that you consider performing routine checkups to identify and repair the parts that are worn out.

  1. Consider Watering on the Hotter Days to Reduce Temperatures

During the hot sunny days, the artificial turf will become hotter than the natural grass. To make the artificial field comfortable to play on during the hotter days, consider watering. Think of how uncomfortable it feels walking on hot sand or concrete. To ensure the artificial sports ground is cooler like the natural grass; ensure that you water it before the game starts.

Those are some of the basic artificial sports ground maintenance tips. These will ensure that your sports ground is comfortable to play on throughout the season. You might want to hire a professional sports turf manager to oversee these maintenance procedures.

Contact Commonwealth Sports Turf Services for professional advice regards sports ground maintenance.

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Tips on How to Take Good Care of Your Sports Turf in All Seasons

Tips on How to Take Good Care of Your Sports Turf in All Seasons

beautiful and healthy turf

beautiful and healthy turf

The sports field should be well maintained irrespective of the season you are in. Therefore, whether a school field or your clubs sports field, it is important to know the all season artificial field maintenance tips. As you know, the artificial grass demands less maintenance compared to the natural grass fields. However, this does not mean you should not take good care of the artificial sports field throughout the season. In this article, we review some of the tips you need to have at your fingertips when it comes to taking care of the artificial grass in all seasons. Lets rock and roll!

  1. Keep the Artificial Sports Field Clean

When it comes to taking care of your sports field, cleaning it is one of the basic approaches. Of course, being a low maintenance landscaping approach, cleaning the sports turf might mean just dusting it off. This is through the use of a garden hose and raking the leaves that fall off especially in summer. It is always a good idea to do this at least once a week for the busy sports turf and at least twice a month when it is less busy.

  1. Keep the Artificial Grass Groomed No matter the Season

If the artificial field is busier especially during the seasons when you have snow, you will notice that the synthetic field flattens out a bit since the last time you gave it some grooming. Just like the natural grass, the blades do flatten out a bit in the sports getting more traffic. Whereas this is normal grooming the artificial grass it will immediately look great again. Use a broom, a brush or a plastic lake to groom the synthetic grass.

  1. Check the Synthetic Grass for Weeds

Mostly, weeds aren’t an issue when it comes to the synthetic grass. This is actually the reason why many people want to have the synthetic fields. However, it is possible having the weeds grow around the edges of the lawn. Keep checking for these weeds and remove them.

  1. Check for Seams and Look for Damages

The synthetic turf is a durable landscaping choice that lasts up to 20 years and above. If installed correctly, it will not require any pulling. Loosening or sagging spots will need to be repaired often.

  1. Add a Shade

If the synthetic field is not in use for a prolonged period of time, adding a shade is a great maintenance tip. This is especially for the school fields where the field is not in use during summer holidays. Adding a shade to it is an important maintenance step.

  1. Employ a professional Artificial Sports Field Maintenance Expert

A maintenance expert will help in ensuring the sports field is well maintained throughout the seasons. He or she is trained in the best artificial care approaches.

Are you looking for the best professional artificial grass maintenance expert? Contact us today. We have many years of experience providing all season sports turf care.

How to Ensure Low Cost Sports Turf Maintenance

How to Ensure Low-Cost Sports Turf Maintenance

beautiful and healthy turf

beautiful and healthy turf

Sports turf maintenance can sometimes become the most expensive and often it is a nightmare for the turf managers. There are various reasons as to why this is often the case. The most important thing in the sports turf maintenance career is being able to keep the field well maintained and at the budgeted amount. Here are some top tips for ensuring you maintain the sports turf within the stipulated budget.

1. Ensure you Have a Sports Turf Maintenance Plan and adhere to it

Just like in the other management roles, a sports turf maintenance manager needs to have a plan for the task. In the plan, you should ensure you set the priorities on the most important activities. In addition, during the planning, you ought to set thresholds and create a safety checklist. Part of the planning step is also the budgeting which involves deciding how much is to be spent on each of the sports turf maintenance steps. You need to ensure excellent communication during the planning session to ensure that the relevant departments are aware of the role tom play in the sports maintenance process.

2. Adopt a Site Specific Management Program

The sports field comprises different sporting sites. These are the sites where different teams will play and they need a specific maintenance program. To ensure the maintenance is done within the budget and to the right standards, you should plan the maintenance accordingly. This helps in ensuring that you take care of the sports turf in the appropriate manner such that each of the sub-sessions will be properly maintained. Examples of specific sites that need specific management include baseball and softball positional areas, in front of the mound, Doug-out areas, the entry and the exit points. These will need specific care.

3. Consult Professional Sports Turf Maintenance Company

It is also important that you talk to a professional in sports turf maintenance to ensure everything is done within the budget. The specialist understands very well the specific points to look at when taking care of the sports field. As such, it is important for the sports turf managers to hire a qualified sports turf management company.

4. Invest in the Right Equipment

For sports turf management, often it seems like purchasing the equipment will be expensive. However, you ought to ensure that you are using the right equipment for the job. This will, in the long run, lead to cost saving and results in a properly managed sports turf.

Those are some of the tips you should follow when it comes to management of the sports turf. Ensure that you adhere to the set guidelines, adopt the plan and most importantly involve the right skill and equipment for the job. In the long-run, this will lead to cost saving.

Looking for the best sports turf maintenance tips? Consult commonwealth sports turf services today.

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