We’ve invested in cutting edge equipment, conducted extensive research, and staffed our team with individuals that are proven winners in the sports turf scene. All of this means that the services we offer are executed by knowledgeable people and done with equipment that is industry-best. What you see below are a few of the services that we recommend.

Construction/Renovation of Athletic Fields

Sports Field Artificial Turf -What to Consider when Purchasing artificial turf

While installing sports field turf on your space, you need to consider more than just your budget. It is best to choose varying olive green, dark green, and lime green shades to get a lush and natural look. Ensure the turf is not entirely uniform since it adds a curb appeal.  Installing of fake turf is a wasted short term investment. Choose the original turf to ensure a durable cover on your space.

Quality of sports field artificial turf

Quality turf is likely to be more costly than the fake ones. Ensure to look for manufacturers or suppliers that have a range of products so that you can compare the different types available. A quality turf is well stitched, consistent color, and is even. It feels soft when you touch, so when buying online, requests for samples first so that you can choose according to your preference.

Pile Height

When choosing a turf, the length of the grass blades determines if it is of quality. For a natural lawn, ensure the height is height 30-37 mm. If you place furniture on the turf, a short size will work correctly. Brush the turf regularly to keep the blades upright and reduce wear out if you want a lush looking lawn to choose a tall pile height though they tend to be heavier. It causes it to bend due to gravitational pull making the lawn get a flat look as time goes by.

Density and Weight of sports field sports turf

The denser the turf, the more yarn content it has; thus, the the cost is high. In areas with heavy traffic, dense turf is more durable. It shows aesthetic appeal to the lawn, and if you can’t afford a dense turf, you can improve longevity by ensuring a sand fill. If you are installing turf on the balcony or rooftop, consider the load limit. When installing the turf at the backyard or garden, the weight does not require a lot of consideration.


Maintaining artificial turf is easy compared to maintaining natural grass. You should choose a synthetic turf depending on the time you can input in maintaining. Cheap turf requires more money to support, while expensive turf requires little maintenance. Consider the weather and the surroundings since falling debris requires more maintenance.  Some turf will require more care to handle than others, so choose what you can manage.

Color of sports field turf

Cheap turfs are likely to have single flat green shades while the actual synthetic grass contains a mixture of all greens. The green must have some brown flecks too. Ensure you get samples and place them outside to see how they complement the sun and your space. Keep away from perfect green turfs and choose the imperfect color. According to your preference, the paint must be of your liking before taking a turf that you are likely to regret later.


Artificial turf adds beauty to your space, and getting the right one for your lawn means minimal maintenance. Decide by considering the above requirements. At Commonwealth sports turf, we help you choose and install the best artificial sports field turf. Contact us today

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Top Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf over Natural Grass

Artificial turf consists of synthetic fibers that look like natural glass. Some rocks are between three-fourths to three-eighths, which blend perfectly with the artificial sub-base grass. They are typically used on residential lawns, an arena for sports e.g., football and basketball, and applied to commercials.  Cleary, it stands out and is a good investment for your Space. Below are the cons of using artificial turf.

1.   Your Space becomes Weed-free.

The unwanted growth of unnecessary plants becomes rare. You might have to pull them out as time goes by, but they are less than having a natural lawn. You are easily able the save the cost of weeding since they are controllable. Time used in weed plugging is usable on other activities instead of using your energy on it.

2.   Artificial Turf is Very Durable

Materials used to make the artificial turf adhere to every kind of traffic keep up with climate changes and are favorable on weather changes. For many years, it will withstand the tear and wear on it. The fibers being stable ensure the color is permanent since it is ultraviolet ray exposure.

3.   Saves Water

A natural lawn requires a lot of maintenance, including watering in the morning and in the evening. The water bill reduces since it doesn’t need water for survival. The artificial lawn needs water during cleaning only to get the dirt off it. It is ideal for places with severe drought.

4.   Low-cost maintenance

The natural lawn keeps growing and thus needs high maintenance. The artificial turf is plastic; therefore, no growth requires. It means that the only time it needs care is when the debris needs clearance. A variety of patterns are available to cut and adjust to shaping your preference.

5.   Good looking

It resembles a real natural lawn. The green color makes it conspicuous, and minimal effort is needed to keep it great looking. It is beautiful, and you can spend time playing on it with your family and friends without dealing with the grass allergy.

6.   Kids and Pet Friendly

It is antibacterial, thus preventing the spread of germs and bacteria to the children and your pet. While maintaining a natural lawn, products can react with the kid’s body, which is impossible on artificial grounds. Being on it is an assurance of safety, and you don’t have to fear exposure to harmful products.

7.   Chemical and Fertilizers Free

Since it doesn’t grow, it remains intact. Fertilizers harm the environment since they are mostly appliable to the natural lawn. It is free of toxin and remains perfect without the use of chemicals.

8.   Pressure resistant

The pressure caused by natural grass while walking is unlike on artificial turf. The turf blade bounces back and remains intact and upright as long as the filler is perfect. Foot traffic, bare or ruts that quickly cause pathways, is impossible in this case.

The artificial turf is easy to install and blends perfectly with your Space. In case you are tired of grass all over, this is the perfect alternative for you.

What Composes the Top Putting Green Turf?

Things To Look For When Hiring A Sports Field Grooming Company

From baseball to golf, sports turf grooming keeps the field looking good. Moreover, ensuring proper sports turf maintenance is critical to the safety and the health of players. When it comes to ensuring the sports turf is maintained appropriately, hire a qualified expert. Through professional skills and use of the right equipment, the company tasked with ensuring sports turf is well-groomed works to attain:

  • Proper footing for the athletes
  • Applies right procedures to provide artificial turf  resistance to wear and tear
  • Ensures proper cushioning on impact

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the sports turf grooming team to hire the most qualified team. However, the process can be overwhelming. This is especially at this time when we have so many companies claiming to offer professional sports turf maintenance. To help you hire the right sports turf maintenance team, here are some important tips to consider.

1. Consider the reputation of Sports Turf grooming Company

The internet has changed how we do different things. One of the things that we can do through the internet is researching the capabilities and reputation of different service providers. Thus, you can quickly jump into reviews websites to gather a wealth of knowledge relating to the reputation of different companies. The best service providers attract positive reviews. Thus, before you settle on a certain company, be sure to verify that their reputation is encouraging.

2. Is the Sports Turf Grooming Company Licensed and Insured?

Do not overlook the importance of verifying licensing and insurance details of every service provider you are considering to hire. When it comes to sports turf maintenance, licensed and insured companies provide peace of mind. To begin with, you will not have to worry about getting into trouble with the authorities. This is because the company working on your premises has met the required expectations. Further, the insurance covers any damages when the company is working.

3. Consider their Customer Service

How well does the company serve its customers? To avoid regretting working with certain entities, it is advisable that you hire a company that offers the best customer service. You can tell how good the customer service is from the time you walk into their offices.

4. Do they Have Professional Skills and the Right Tools

Another important aspect when hiring an agency to offer sports turf grooming service is how well the company is equipped. This is in terms of equipment and professional skills. Hire a company that meets the minimum professional skills and has the right tools for the job. Thus, you may have to check their equipment to ascertain they are in a good working state.

5. Price

What will be the cost of hiring a particular sports turf grooming company? It is advisable that you hire a company that will meet your budgetary requirements. Thus, ask for quotations to avoid surprises when you receive the invoice. Negotiate to ensure the service will be within the set budget.

Are you looking for a professional sports turf grooming Company in Virginia? Contact Commonwealth Sports Turf services for professional services. We provide the best services at an affordable rate. Call us today for an estimate on the services we offer.  

Deep Tine Aeration: What You Should Know

Deep Tine Aeration helps to improve your golf course for optimal playability and beautiful appearance. Thus, timely aeration is a maintenance practice providing beneficial results consistently and it is worth every penny. Unfortunately, we often think of aeration as a luxury. In a real sense, aeration should be performed annually. In this post, we share important knowledge you need to know about Deep tine Aeration for your golf course. We will let you know why deep tine aeration is the deferred maintenance you should not do without!

So, what is Deep Tine Aeration?

Aeration is a maintenance procedure that breaks up the soil layering creating a drainage channel to ensure a better water infiltration and helping to prevent soil compaction.

Compared to the regular aeration, deep tine aeration process focuses on creating a deeper channel. The channels created during aeration allow aeration of the soil providing the grassroots the oxygen that is required to thrive and grow. When new roots develop, they penetrate the tine channels extending further into the surrounding soil to ensure a stronger hold. Therefore, aeration is important as it ensures your sports turf looks beautiful and healthy. This aids growth even in periods of drought.

Why Aerate?

Here are important reasons why aeration should be considered:

Improves gas exchange:

Solid Tine Aeration is important in that it opens up the turf. This alleviates compaction and allows efficient exchange of gases between the soil and the atmosphere.

Minimizing Sports Turf Damage and Downtime:

No cores are removed when it comes to aeration. In fact, the disturbance that is caused to the sports turf is minimal, and the best of all the turf is used immediately after aeration has been done.

Deep Tine Aeration Can Be Done Mid-Season

Proper aeration minimizes the turf stress and so it is well suited for summer temperatures. This means that you can do it mid-season.

Increases Surface Drainage

Sports turf requires proper infiltration and percolation. Therefore, aeration allows water to move freely between the plant roots and the environment. This is important when it comes to ensuring vigorous growth.

It Requires Less Man Power

You do not need to invest so much on labor to accomplish proper tine aeration. Thus, it is still suitable even when you have a constrained sports turf maintenance budget.

Get it done!

When it comes to sports turf maintenance, nothing beats the experience of hiring a professional sports turf maintenance company. Contact Commonwealth Sports Turf Services for professional Deep tine Aeration. We ensure maximum penetration with minimum impact!

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Artificial Sports Turf Maintenance Tips

Many factors impact the playability of a sports field. The most important factor is proper artificial sports turf maintenance. While sports activities have been postponed following the global pandemic, it is important you ensure that your sports turf is getting proper maintenance routines. In this post, we cover important tips to help in the management of your artificial sports turf.  This is to ensure that the artificial sports turf is still playable when the games season resumes.

Regular cleaning To Get Rid of the Debris

Regular cleaning is an important upkeep procedure for your synthetic sports field. Ideally, proper cleaning procedures will ensure the sports turf longevity and prevents the buildup of dirt and grime. Therefore, it is recommended that sports turf maintenance procedures begin with coming up with a proper turf cleaning routine. This is considering how the sports turf is being used. For the playing surfaces, regular cleaning helps in rejuvenating the surface and prevents bumps and other inconsistencies that could affect its appearance. Therefore, do not forget proper cleaning as part of your artificial sports turf maintenance routine

Proper sanitization and Disinfection

 Another important procedure when it comes to maintenance of the sports turf is ensuring proper sanitization and disinfection. This is to protect the health of the players, especially this time of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Use the natural cleanser and disinfectant to remove any contaminants. This includes the nasty stuff like body fluids, drinks, bird droppings, and other contaminations. Ensure the use of proper disinfectant products that will kill and eliminate the existing microbes. Remember that concepts like the use of UV exposure, ozone treatment, using chlorine solutions, and similar products will not disinfect the surface. Therefore, look out for disinfecting products that will kill any microorganisms including bacteria, mold, viruses, and the germs. Most importantly, focus on getting the products that protect artificial sports turf.

Watering to Reduce Temperature On hot Days

High surface temperature is not a new problem when it comes to artificial sports turf maintenance. Ideally, the artificial sports turf will get hotter than the natural grass. Watering the artificial grass is one of the approaches for ensuring controlled temperatures alternatively, you may choose to replace the artificial grass with a lighter color of grass and a lighter color of infill to help in keeping the temperatures low. Remember that rubber infills will absorb and transfer heat. therefore, in case you are using rubber infill’s, it is recommended that you get none-rubber options.

Another option for controlling temperatures is covering the artificial lawn with shade sails that will block direct sunlight. The shade sails will help in blocking direct sunlight and reduce heat absorption.

Hire a professional to ensure your artificial sports turf is well maintained. At commonwealth sports turf services we provide professional sports turf maintenance solutions. Contact us today for professional sports turf solutions.

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Proper maintenance of artificial sports turf entails several important considerations.  You need to ensure that you keep the sports turf clean , and well prepared  for the match day. Let us look at the artificial sports turf maintenance tips.

Regular Sports Turf Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the artificial sports turf is important in order to get rid of any kind of objects which may cause the players to trip on.  Do not forget that sports turf also contributes to spread of diseases. Consider that different people are accessing the sports turf particularly during seasonal games. The players who use the sports turfs are prone to bacteria. Therefore, regular cleaning will contribute to disinfection and sanitizing of the sports turf.

Water the Artificial Sports Turf To keep it Cool

Next up is watering the field to cool the temperature around the turf. This is done mostly in hot summer days when the sports turfs get so hot. Therefore, there is need to keep the field cool so that the players are much more comfortable while playing game

Ensure Regular Repairs to Avoid Defaced Sports Turf

Keep in mind the importance of regular sports turf upkeep , to prevent wearing out and becoming useless.  Consider that as players kick the ball, some parts are likely to be knocked off. If left un attended, this can result into a seriously defaced sports turf, leaving your sports ground undesirable to the players and the governing bodies. For commercial sports field, this is costly as you will not have revenues.

Consider infill when necessary

 Regular evenness testing of the surface  is important. An uneven playing surface is a major cause of injuries, hindering the performance of players. Thus, with the replacement of infill you can get rid of any holes in the field. These holes make the field rating to decrease considerably.  

Brush the Sports Turf to keep the turf fibers clean

The Sports turf should be brushed regularly. This is in order to keep the turf fibers in one position. You should do this at least it once a week, or even a month depending the use of the turf,. Brushing the sports turf helps to get rid of little objects like sunflower seeds and gum can be a big problem. Therefore, using a vacuum cleaner is quite handy!

Provide dust bins / trash Cans

To prevent dirt and waste disposal by the players or even spectators, ensure trashcans are placed strategically. If you are expecting a big crowd, placing scraper mats for players to remove any debris from their shoes before entering the field, the players can be requested to make sure they do not dispose gum or wraps anyhow.

Contact  Commonwealth Sports Turf Services For proper artificial sports Turf Maintenance.


Artificial Sports Turf Maintenance Tips

In any sports turf whether natural or artificial, to ensure playability you need a proper maintenance plan. For the artificial turf, most people think that just the installation is what matters. However, there is much to proper maintenance of the turf than just installing. In this post, we feature some of the most important sports turf maintenance tips for your consideration.

Ensure you have the right equipment

Just before you start damaging the artificial sports in the name of maintenance, make sure that you have invested in the right equipment. just because it is the artificial turf, it does not mean that you will not need tools and equipments for the maintenance job. Do away with the lawn mower, but ensure that you have the right brush for cleaning the artificial lawn. Use of the wrong tools and equipment will destroy the artificial sports turf, resulting to additional cost repairing the field. Therefore, make sure that you using the recommended artificial turf supplies for cleaning the field. Buying the equipment and tools required for maintenance of the sports turf might be expensive. Rather than incur the cost, you can hire a sports turf maintenance company to avoid the cost.

Ensure regular cleaning of the artificial sports turf

Cleaning of the sports turf is not only important for appearance, it is also important when it comes to ensuring safety of the players. Consider that winds will carry debris that can hurt the players when playing on the artificial sports turf. In addition, accumulation of dirt on the sports turf can result into degraded appearance of the sports turf.

Regular Brushing of the sports turf

The natural grass will stand uprightly, and so should the artificial sports turf. Keep in mind that the synthetic sports turf will bend over time, and so to ensure a proper appearance you ought to ensure regular brushing. Use the stiff brush to ensure the blades look sharp and aligned. For a perfect job, use a brush with synthetic bristles, and use enough force.

Therefore, you know what you ought to do to ensure proper maintenance of the sports turf. At Commonwealth Sports Turf, we provide maintenance and installation of the sports turf in Virginia. Talk to us today for a free estimate on the services that we provide.

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How to Prepare the artificial turf for next playing season

is your artificial sports turf ready for next season games? Your players are already warming up for the next season, and you are hoping to carry the trophy. Therefore, it is important that you start practicing early. At the training camp, the coach is busy teaching them new tricks and coming up with strategies to counter the opponents in the coming season. Another important item you need to consider is the state of the sports field. When playing the home matches, your team as well as the opponents, should feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, you need to practice artificial sports turf maintenance procedures in order to succeed. In this article, we feature the artificial sports turf maintenance tips you should have at fingertips in order to keep the field safe and comfortable for the players. Let us take a look.

Your players are already warming up for the next season, and you are hoping to carry the trophy. Therefore, it is important that you start practicing early. At the training camp, the coach is busy teaching them new tricks and coming up with strategies to counter the opponents in the coming season. Another important item you need to consider is the state of the sports field. When playing the home matches, your team as well as the opponents, should feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, you need to practice artificial sports turf maintenance procedures in order to succeed. In this article, we feature the sports turf maintenance tips you should have at fingertips in order to keep the field safe and comfortable for the players. Let us take a look.

Only use the recommended equipment for sports turf cleaning

It is important that you consider the type of equipment that you are using for sports turf maintenance. The artificial grass has different requirements from the natural grass. Therefore, you need to know that using the essential tools will help you when it comes to maintenance of the sports turf. Avoid using the damaging metal bristles when cleaning the field. Instead, make use of the plastic bristles, which feel, nice and comfortable to the artificial turf.

Clean and rinse the artificial sports turf

When it comes to taking good care of the sports turf on a regular basis, the essential steps are clean, rinse, and brush the artificial sports turf. Cleaning and rinsing the artificial turf regularly will help to keep away stubborn stains and the mild stains that affect the look of the sports turf. Therefore, if not done weekly, make sure this is done at least once a month. Pests might leave stains or marks somewhere in the sports turf making the turf look not too pleasant. Although this might not be noticeable within the start of the season, as the stain stays longer it even affects longevity of the sports turf. In that regard, make sure that you have cleaned and rinsed the artificial sports turf accordingly. Therefore, clean up a spill as quickly as possible and rinse the area using recommended artificial sports turf cleaning detergents.

Hire an expert

Artificial sports turf maintenance is a profession by itself. However, some think it is an easy practice and end up hiring anyone who applies for the job. In the end, the artificial sports turf is damaged owing to poor maintenance practices. Hiring an expert in artificial sports turf maintenance guarantees you best practices when it comes to maintenance of the sports field.

Hire Commonwealth Sports Turf Services for the maintenance of your artificial sports turf. We shall ensure the sports field is in good state at the start and throughout the playing season. Contact us today for a free estimate on sports turf maintenance.

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Why sports turf maintenance is important and important maintenance tips.

Investing in safe sports field should be the first priority for every sports turf manager. Whether managing school grounds, children playgrounds or youth sports ground, it is absolutely important you consider the safety features incorporated in the design of the sports turf. In this page, we feature some reasons why sports turf is important, and then we will cover the best approaches for ensuring a properly managed sports turf. Keep reading to find out.

Reasons for Investing in Sports Turf Management

Minimizes pest infestation

Pests like hiding in places where there is no disturbance. Effective sports turf management involves cleaning all corners and the drainage as well. Through effective management of the sports turf, we will ensure minimal pest infestation. The professionals will be keen on this, and hence the reason why you need a professional sports turf manager. Through proper sports turf management, there will be high chances of reducing the occurrence of pests.

Soil Aeration

This is another important reason you need to maintain the sports turf. Through exposing the soil to air, this reduces the compact nature enhancing the movement of water into the soil. This is only done during the off-season.

3. To ensure safety of players

This is probably the most common reason why people consider sports turf maintenance. A properly maintained sports turf ensures the safety of the players. This, of course, comes with additional advantages, as the players will perform well knowing that their safety has been taken care of.

Now that you know the importance of proper sports turf maintenance, let us have a look at some of the different maintenance tips.

Routine care

Sports field required routine care. This can be divided into phases involving different routines. For instance, you want to carry out field assessment to check the condition and performance. ideally, field assessment involves analyzing the condition of the field and conducting a thorough review of the management practices.

Synthetic turf repairs

The use of synthetic turf has gained popularity in different places. The synthetic turf ensures a consistent surface and presents a consistent quality and set maintenance regime. Note that synthetic turf seems simple to maintain, but then it is necessary you consult the experts  

Talk to Experts for sports turf maintenance

The other important fact about sports turf maintenance is consulting an expert. Make sure that you engage experienced personnel for sports turf management. Commonwealth Sports Turf services offer expert maintenance services. Contact us today for sports turf services that change the game.