Deep Tine Aeration: What You Should Know

Deep Tine Aeration helps to improve your golf course for optimal playability and beautiful appearance. Thus, timely aeration is a maintenance practice providing beneficial results consistently and it is worth every penny. Unfortunately, we often think of aeration as a luxury. In a real sense, aeration should be performed annually. In this post, we share important knowledge you need to know about Deep tine Aeration for your golf course. We will let you know why deep tine aeration is the deferred maintenance you should not do without!

So, what is Deep Tine Aeration?

Aeration is a maintenance procedure that breaks up the soil layering creating a drainage channel to ensure a better water infiltration and helping to prevent soil compaction.

Compared to the regular aeration, deep tine aeration process focuses on creating a deeper channel. The channels created during aeration allow aeration of the soil providing the grassroots the oxygen that is required to thrive and grow. When new roots develop, they penetrate the tine channels extending further into the surrounding soil to ensure a stronger hold. Therefore, aeration is important as it ensures your sports turf looks beautiful and healthy. This aids growth even in periods of drought.

Why Aerate?

Here are important reasons why aeration should be considered:

Improves gas exchange:

Solid Tine Aeration is important in that it opens up the turf. This alleviates compaction and allows efficient exchange of gases between the soil and the atmosphere.

Minimizing Sports Turf Damage and Downtime:

No cores are removed when it comes to aeration. In fact, the disturbance that is caused to the sports turf is minimal, and the best of all the turf is used immediately after aeration has been done.

Deep Tine Aeration Can Be Done Mid-Season

Proper aeration minimizes the turf stress and so it is well suited for summer temperatures. This means that you can do it mid-season.

Increases Surface Drainage

Sports turf requires proper infiltration and percolation. Therefore, aeration allows water to move freely between the plant roots and the environment. This is important when it comes to ensuring vigorous growth.

It Requires Less Man Power

You do not need to invest so much on labor to accomplish proper tine aeration. Thus, it is still suitable even when you have a constrained sports turf maintenance budget.

Get it done!

When it comes to sports turf maintenance, nothing beats the experience of hiring a professional sports turf maintenance company. Contact Commonwealth Sports Turf Services for professional Deep tine Aeration. We ensure maximum penetration with minimum impact!