many uses of turf

Different Types of Artificial Turf and Artificial Lawn Installation Do`s and Don’ts

Different Types of Artificial Turf and Artificial Lawn Installation Do`s and Don’ts


many uses of turf

In the past week, I introduced you to artificial turf, and we examined the advantages of artificial lawn over the naturally grown lawn. This week we continue our exploration on the artificial lawn, and we will cover the different types of artificial lawn that have ever been used in the industry, and then we will also read about what you should not do when installing the artificial lawn on your athletics field. So what are some of the types of artificial lawn that you can buy?

Types of Artificial Turf

The most common types of artificial turf that we have include Astroturf, Super turf, and the field turf. The Astroturf is the oldest and it is also the most recognized name in the sports turf industry. However, it has been replaced by other forms of turf which are more common in the industry today. The field turf is currently the most recognized artificial turf in the fields and stadiums in the modern day.

The Difference between the Artificial Lawn Types

Examining all these types of turf, you will learn that the major difference has been the length of the turf blades and also the infill material that has been used. Note that infill material is usually composed of the sand and cream rubber. The cream rubber is used to make sure that the surface is soft and therefore it is very necessary when preparing the turf fields. Further, the deeper the infill used, the harder the turf the field will be. Therefore, it is important that you make sure the filler used has been mixed well so that you will have a soft field for the players depending on the field that you are preparing. So what else should you be cautious about when installing the artificial fields? Continue reading to find out.

What to Avoid During Artificial Turf Installation

When you are installing your artificial turf you need to observe certain recommendations and also be keen not to do the following.

Avoid Improper Planning

In any project, you should make sure that you have a well-laid plan detailing what should be done from the start to the end of the project. This is the same for the artificial turf installation. You should always make sure you have a project plan to avoid the costliest mistake which is usually failure due to lack of planning. Make sure you have all the equipment needed in preparation of the field. As per the supplier of the type of artificial turf you are using, you need to have all the materials ready before you begin any work.

Make Sure You Have Proper Drainage

The drainage system in the field should be done appropriately top avoid the natural calamities such as flooding. The type of drainage will greatly depend upon the climate in your area. No matter the climate, you must have the calculation right to ensure the artificial lawn will not become soggy and you don’t experience the aesthetic problems. Note that some of the problems of flooding in the field would be the growth of mold, rot, and also slimy feeling turf. When you are purchasing the turf base material, be wary of the moisture content.

Get Your Measurements Right

In most cases, people assume that ordering more synthetic grass than you need should be done so as to cater for the errors in measuring. The most important thing you need to take into consideration and give it time well is the measurements. These should be as accurate as possible to avoid disappointments and unnecessary spending. Remember that accuracy matters in the athletics field.

Avoid Making Multiple Purchases

Installing your turf in sections is not recommended and therefore you should make sure that you have enough budget and taken measurements well to make an outright purchase once. Color variance is possible if you order the artificial turf in batches. In most instances, the purchaser doesn’t notice the color variation until the installation has been done. However, you should be able to order once so that you avoid the color variation issue.

The safety considerations vary depending on the planned usage of the field. Therefore, you should make sure that you have taken in place appropriate considerations when doing your artificial turf. If you would like recommendation and help in installation of the artificial lawn, you can always contact







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