Drainage and Irrigation For Your Sports Turf

Drainage and Irrigation for Your Sports Turf

Commonwealth Sports Turf Services has improved and maintained quality sports turf since 2003, with 31 years combined sports turf experience in Richmond, Virginia. Keith Kitchen, president, started a residential turf and landscaping company, Luxury Lawns, who were contracted by several high profile sports complexes to maintain their turf. Keith’s vision grew and his creative approach to innovative services supports the basics of turf science facilitating pristine fields for any turf environment.

Turf Services in Virginia

Commonwealth Sports Turf Services include golf course greens, high school athletic fields, football fields, soccer and baseball fields, rugby fields and county parks.

CST analyzes all details of your unique sports turf situation. Your root depth, soil compaction and heavy traffic areas are all relevant to the health of your sports turf. Aerating impacts your greens but do you know to what degree is too much or not enough? Knowing what your sports turf need are questions that have scientific answers. Each turf needs a different and varying approach.

First Things First: Soil StudySoil Health

Before maintenance for your sports turf can be initiated it is important to study the soil in each field area noting that each soil bed is unique in its own level of nutrients. By studying your soil we can comprehend nutrient composition underlying the medium of growth and supply you with a deficiency report. A discovery document including a graph which represents your soil nutrients where they are now and where they should be in the future for the most durability. An application study is reevaluated each year for good health. Maintenance without a soil study may result in unnecessary treatments or costs.

Mechanical Services: Strategy Action

After your soil study a personalized plan is initiated with needed granular and liquid nutrient chemicals and recommended quantity applications action. Your sports turf may be scheduled for core aeration, deep core aeration, top dressing or verticutting, whichever fits your maintenance needs.


Commonwealth Sports Turf uses cutting edge equipment, investigates in-depth research and their employees, with proven abilities, make CST both professional and gives them the ability to provide best maintenance practices.

Monthly Strategy

Communication is a key factor to our client’s field progress addressing concerns and planning project strategies. Meeting once a month helps to ensure evaluating health of sports turf through planned usage.

Core Aeration: Improvement and Predictability

Your strategized services to maintain your turf may vary from removing thatch or deep tining greens. However a main factor for peak performance, in any sports turf, is core aeration also referred to as coring, spiking, slicing or soil cultivation.

Deep Tine Aeration

Allowing maximum aeration with the least impact for turf usability is deep tine aeration. Core aeration lessens possible soil compaction which can result in hardening the surface being played.

VerticuttingMechanical Services

Verticutting removes thatch from Bermuda turf, a necessity to plant health. Thatch is an excessive build-up of clippings prohibiting the penetration of oxygen, nutrients and water to root area. Vericutting thins grass increasing drainage allowing leaf blades therefore improving aesthetics for ball roll and playability.

Core Distribution

Cores are collected using a turf sweeper then reapplied to areas needing viable roots, which can grow immediately.

Top Dressing

Sand and compost or a combination of the two, are inserted in the soil profile creating a cha decreasing soil compaction and leaving a better playing area for oxygen and nutrients to drain into the soil root.

Keith’s vision grew and his creative approach to innovative services supports the basics of turf science, facilitating pristine fields for any turf environment here in Virginia.

Keith Kitchen