Enahnce The Beauty Of Your Sports Turf

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Sports Turf

Commonwealth Sports Turf has been improving and maintaining sports turf since 2003 and has 31 years combined sports turf experience. Keith Kitchen is president, with success in both residential and commercial landscape, for sports turf companies in and around Richmond, Virginia.

Keith began Luxury Lawns, a residential turf company, which was then contracted by high profile sports turf complexes in and around the Richmond area. His vision is to approach playing sports turf surfaces with unique and innovative services by facilitating basic turf science to produce unique and pristine sports turf.

Each sports turf has its own scientific chemistry and will be evaluated using science to come up with the best strategy possible to enhance and maintain your turf.

What Type of Aeration Services Are Needed?

Your soil is checked for proper nutrients and evaluated for what type of aerator services are needed to allow nutrients into the root of the soil.

If you have played on a golf course that has high traffic areas or you start to see spots that are brown while the area around it is still green, your turf is beginning to compact.This is only the obvious signs of compaction. Your sports turf could already be in the beginning stages of compacting before visibility occurs.Compaction takes time and aeration is a process that will allow oxygen into the roots of your turf making it stronger, thicker and greener.

The type of aerator services depends on your golf course, football field or park. Each turf has individual needs for playing or wearing ability which can contribute to the amount of compaction. For removing thatch or deep tinning greens, the most natural aeration that leaves you’re playing field in tact is core aeration also referred to as coring, spiking, slicing or soil cultivating.

Core Aerator Services Maintenance

Core aeration is usually recommended once a year, depending on your needs two or more might be needed. The type of grass is important to when maintenance proceeds.

Cool season grass: Kentucky Bluegrass and perennial rye grass. Core aeration time is during spring and fall.

Warm season grass: Bermuda and zoysia grass. Core aeration time is the middle of spring to summer. Do not aerate when grass is dormant

RecommendationEnahnce The Beauty of Your Sports Turf

Commonwealth Sports Turf Services recommends one extra service following your core aeration. Using a turf sweeper to collect cores will be distributed along areas to repair. Cores can grow almost immediately and is a better option making your sports turf green and healthy.

Deep Tine Aeration

In some cases, where the ground is getting hard from compaction, for the health of your sports turf it may be recommended to have deep tine aeration services. If that is the case the same process of using the turf sweeper may also be needed. The same rules apply to maintenance of aerating times for the type of grass you have on your sports turf.

If you live in Virginia and need services for your sports turf Commonwealth Sports Turf Services we will be glad to maintain your sports turf and help you save money in the long run.

If you would like to know more about Commonwealth Sports Turf Services we invite you to see our demonstration. Have a happy healthy sports turf that is durable, beautiful and green.

Keith Kitchen