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Facts on Sports Turf Top Dressing 

Facts on Sports Turf Top Dressing


Maintaining a safe sports turf should be the priority for any field managers. It is important to make sure that you have carried out all the basic sports turf maintenance practices.  One of the processes that you need to carry out is sports turf top dressing. Sports turf top dressing should be done by an expert who understands how this is done. To begin with, it is important that sports turf managers are educated on the matters of sports turf top dressing. Here is what you should know.

What is Sports Turf Top Dressing?

Sports turf Top dressing  in refers to the application of a uniform thin layer that comprises of soil or even the finely granulated organic materials. These are applied over the turf surface to ensure that your sports turf is well maintained and looks good always. Ideally, sports turf top dressing helps in leveling the playing ground. Often, you will see minor variations and depressions which are apparent and so top dressing will help top amend the physical soil properties.

Sports Turf Top Dressing Material

It is important to make sure that you have readily available material for sports turf top dressing. You will need to have a readily available topdressing material, the necessary modern equipment for perfect top dressing and a budget for the sports turf top dressing. It is critical that you select the best top dressing material.  The material that you choose for top dressing should be consistent in the type and particle size and should also be readily available for the future applications. Note that particle size variations will lead to layering disrupting drainage and rooting.  On top dressing material still, note that the material needed depends on the purpose of the top dressing. Light application is used during seeding or over seeding.

Top dressing of sports turf should be done once or twice in a year. This is when the sports turf is actively growing so that you can accurately do the top dressing. It is usually  the best practice to make sure that you do top dressing in late spring or even early fall and or in the late fall after the playing season is over.

Based on the above facts on top dressing, it is advisable that you consult an expert in the sports field maintenance industry. An expert will help to make sure that you have got the right top dressing material and that you do sports turf top dressing appropriately.

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