How to Clean Artificial Grass

How to Clean Artificial Grass

Artificial grass requires minimal garden maintenance; thus, it saves time. It saves cost since it does not require any watering, fertilizers, mowing, trimming. To keep it looking fleshy, you need to get rid of any stains whenever they occur. It would help if you had a leaf blower, broom or plastic rake, and silica sand. Below are the best ways to clean artificial grass with easy and give it a perfect look all the time;

  1. Brush the Grass

 To maintain the springy, fresh grass effect, ensure you use a broom or plastic rake to brush the grass. If anything heavy as left marks on the artificial grass, brush against the grain to give it a spruced-up look. Make sure you start from one corner and work your way across one side while tackling the lawn in strips like you could if mowing it. If spills and stains, blot the liquids with a paper towel, clean the stains with detergent water, and use the toothbrush to remove any remaining stains. If snow and ice sweep a light dusting of snow, shovel heavy snow with a plastic shovel and allow the ice to melt.

  • Get Rid of the Leaves

To prevent weed growth on the turf, you need to get rid of the leaves continually. Use a leaf blower to remove the debris and leaves off the turf. It is easy to carry this out because one needs to collect it by hand or use a brush or dustpan. By doing this, the artificial grass looks clean and appealing, giving the environment an attractive look.

  • Remove Weeds

Weeds and Moss are likely to grow on the artificial turf, and should be an area of focus when you need to clean artificial grass. When it occurs, use a weed killer agent with a PH balance of 8 to get rid of it. Ensure to use the water-based Moss and after they die off, remove them along with the debris and the leaves.

  • Fill in the Turf with Sand

Spill the scatter silica sand across the turf. Use the broom to brush the sand in and distribute it evenly to the entire turf. Ensure there is no excess sand in some parts and keep off the turf for two hours before stepping on it.


Clean Artificial grass ensures lomnger lifespan. Always ensure you clean artificial grass whenever it accumulates any dirt in it. It would be best if you washed the dirt accordingly to avoid damages to your artificial turf. For professional sports turf maintenance in Virginia, contact us