Clean sports grass

How to Clean Artificial Sports Grass

Clean Artificial Sports grass improves players performance. Thus, you need to come up with a plan to ensure clean artificial sports grass throughout. Do not forget that debris in the sports turfs can be hazardous to the users. Dirt also lowers the quality and life span of the turf. therefore, ensuring clean artificial sports grass should be the number one objective at all times.

There are 2 methods to clean artificial sports grass;

a)Manual method- in this method grass cleaner is mixed with water in a large container.

b)Use of pressure washer method- in this method grass cleaner and water are poured and mixed in the detergent tank of the pressure washer.

Despite the method used, cleaning artificial sports grass is a step by step process as illustrated below;

Collect leaves and dust

Before venturing into deep cleaning, collect all the leaves which may have fallen from the trees surrounding them. Using a specific soft broom or brush intended for that task, sweep the entire field gently from one direction to the end. This physical process should be done keenly to leave the field intact. After sweeping, put all the litter in the dust bin and carry it away.

 Apply the artificial grass cleaner mix either manually or by use of a pressure washer

The right ratio of the artificial grass cleaner to water should be noted when mixing. In most cases, it is 1:1 but it may differ slightly depending on the density of the grass cleaner.

Apply the artificial grass mix cleaner on very dirty and stained spots. Then brush softly but thoroughly. Your lawn will be left with a nice stint and any bacteria around will have been eliminated.

Clean Artificial Sports Grass and Rinse Thoroughly

After the application of the artificial grass cleaner, either manually or by the use of a pressure washer, thorough rinsing is vital. Use horse piped water with good pressure. By so doing, clean water will remove any dirt left and the cleaner.

Ensure Artificial sports Grass is Clean and Dry

Give the lawn enough time to dry and this should be under natural conditions.

 Brush the Artificial Grass Often

When brushing target areas where the brush was used when cleaning, this is where flattening may have occurred. If this process is done gently and carefully, artificial grass blades will be left looking uniform. Generally, the whole field will look smart and newer.

Eliminate the moss growth

Remove all the available moss and prevent fresh growth later.

By use of a plastic leaf rake or a quality brush that will not harm the surface, remove as much moss growth as possible. This will determine the amount of moss killer you will use and the speed at which the moss will be eliminated. The more moss growth you remove, the better. This means using less moss killer and a high reaction rate thus faster elimination.

Finally, apply the moss eliminator when the surface is dry. Moss spores and moss growth are killed. It also remains on the surface to hinder re-growth.

Prevent weeds around your artificial grass

Uproot all the weeds which can be seen on the artificial grass edges. Apply recommended herbicide in areas where perennial weeds grow.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of artificial turf can help ensure that it lasts long and remains in good state and quality.