How to ensure the best and safe sports field for children

Safe Sports Field-The Tips you need to know

Students are encouraged to participate in sports, for the physical and psychological benefits that come with playing. A child’s participation in sports increases his fitness and self-esteem. It also improves teamwork and self-discipline. As students participate in sports, it’s therefore the duty of school management to ensure safe sports fields. Therefore as students take part in sports, they are safe from injuries to their bodies, and disease-causing organisms.

In this post, we elaborate the different ways of ensuring safe sports field. Let’s jump right in!

Artificial grass to ensure Safe Sports Field

Artificial sports turf is child- friendly because it provides a cushioned landing. In the case of little trips and falls, while the children are playing, the landing ground is friendly. In addition, artificial grass does not require chemicals to grow. Therefore, in the case of bruises, there is no risk of a child’s skin coming into contact with the chemicals, like is the case in natural grass.  

The artificial grass creates a safe and clean environment. The natural grass has pollen which causes allergy. However, artificial grass is allergy free all year round, keeping the children safe during their sports. It’s also mud free so your children hygiene during sports is taken care of. Unlike natural grass which provides a good environment for bugs and pests artificial grass is pest free which enhances your children safety. Overall, artificial grass provides safe sports field.

Regular cleaning Ensures Safe Sports Field

 Sports field requires consistent and thorough cleaning to make it safe for use by children. Regular sports field cleaning ensures it’s free from germs which can affect the health of your children. Any litter and leaves should be collected frequently. If you have natural grass, the weeds should be uprooted and the grass trimmed regularly, to provide a safe sports field.

Disinfect the field before and after play

Cleaning and disinfecting your sports field kills bacteria, hence prevents the spread of diseases. Bear in mind that, sicknesses hinder the child’s participation in sports. Use the right products and tools to disinfect the sports field regularly. This will prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses from making a cozy home for themselves in your sport field.

Ensure there are no obstacles in the sport field

To ensure safety for your children go round the field and remove any obstacles. The obstacles could include stones, tree stumps, uneven surfaces, etc.  This will prevent your children from tripping and falling thus injuring them. Any hole appearing on the sport field should be well covered as they may be hazardous for your children.

Hire an Experienced Sports Turf Maintenance Company

An experienced professional has the right tolls and skills for sports turf maintenance, Therefore, engage a professional to ensure the children remain safe for players.


If we follow these steps consistently our children will be safe and will grow healthy with self-esteem and self confidence. Are you looking for an experienced sports turf maintenance company in Virginia? Talk to Commonwealth Sorts Turf today. We provide professional services, guaranteeing the safety of your children, and sports field users in general.