How to Upkeep Beautiful and Healthy Turf

Having beautiful, healthy turf takes proper upkeep and attention.

This means understanding what the turf needs, how to carry out these procedures, and making sure to check up on the results in a timely manner. Below we have outlined some of the most important steps that can be taken in order to have an ongoing beautiful area of turf for your yard or sports field!

Core Aeration

Core aeration is the act of pulling out small spaced out cores from the grass in order to allow the entrance of more nutrients, oxygen, and water to the roots. This can also help to alleviate soil compaction, which makes for a more safe and less damaged playing field for sports.

Deep Tine Aeration

This is another form of aeration that is considered to be highly effective as it takes cores from the turf at a high speed and compression level. This means that the procedures allows for maximum penetration of the soil with the least possible impact on the playing surface.

Core Redistribution

When turf is aerated and cores are taken out of the turf, these can be used for another procedure called core redistribution. Core redistribution is the act of collecting cores and redistributing them into areas of the turf that might need extra repair in lieu of top soil or seeding. Using the cores means that the areas will begin to grow immediately if handled correctly, because they are filled with the right nutrients and roots.

Top Dressing

Top dressing refers to blending sand and/or compost into the soil that already exists under the turf. Top dressing helps to alleviate compaction, create a more stable and safe playing surface, as well as creates a more open channel for nutrients, oxygen, and water so that they can move to the roots and nourish the turf.


Vericutting means to remove thatch (overgrown leaves, sticks, etc. that are built up and in the way on top of the turf) from Bermuda Turf. This helps with plan health because it clears out extra buildup of the mat of clippings on the surface of turf that prohibits oxygen, water, and nutrients from successfully getting to the roots. Vericutting allows for a better playing field by increasing draining and improving aspects such as ball roll, aesthetics, and playability.


By following these steps, beautiful and healthy turf can be achieved. However, it’s important to contact a professional such as Commonwealth Sports Turf in order to get more information on the best practices to keep your turf healthy.

Keith Kitchen