How You Can Spruce Up Your Athletics Field?

Spring Has Sprung: How You Can Spruce Up Your Athletics Field?

One of the most important parts of many sporting events is making sure that the playing surface is in great shape and well maintained. When it comes to playing a game of football, nobody wants to run the risk of breaking their ankle for the sake of competing on the field. Divots can completely ruin a perfectly fine sporting competition, a completely even and flat playing field is a preferred. Speaking as someone who has played football, at the high school level anyway, I can tell you that there was no worse feeling than when we would arrive for a game on one of the fields that always seemed to be in complete and utter disrepair. It would have been nice to have a company around that would be able to go onto each school’s property and rework the field of every team. If you’re living in the Richmond, Virginia area currently you have a wonderful company at your disposal for this type of project, Commonwealth Sports Turf Services is leading the pack in taking care of your green needs.

Sprucing Up Your Athletics Field

How You Can Spruce Up Your Athletics Field?Coming into the business in 2003 and packing around 30 years of combined experience among their workers, Commonwealth Sports Turf Services is a great company that can take care of your field surface. A playing surface is incredibly important to any athletic venture that you may take part in, it really could be a make or break part of a sporting event. One of the most important sports in this regard would be playing a round of golf. It’s incredibly important that the surface you’re playing on be in pristine condition, if you’ve got a bad surface you’re going to be in for a very long day. A wonderfully maintained fairway and green setup can make a trip to your local golf course worth while and thoroughly enjoyable, on the flip side if the grass isn’t maintained properly you’re likely going to hate your visit and possibly turn in out of your worst rounds in the time you’ve been hitting the links. A beautiful course has been said to be about as close to heaven as you can get while still walking the face of Earth. This may be true, although I can’t speak from experience, but at the same time there’s something to be said about a football field that’s well taken care of as well.

Football Playing Field

How You Can Spruce Up Your Athletics Field?Football is a very violent sport and it takes a toll on the body, it’s not just about playing the game at all times, field conditions could have a lot to do with how a game unfolds. One instance of a playing surface coming into play was when Notre Dame decided to let their grass grow and extra long as a way to gain a bit of an advantage over their challenger, the University of Southern California. While it looked amazing on high definition television, playing on a field that’s grown longer than a couple inches can be a very difficult proposition. You need extra long cleats just to get a solid grip on the ground, and if it rains you could lose any real traction you ever hoped to achieve. If someone had been called in to not only cut to grass, but to properly aerate it, make and sure the entire surface was perfect, the game may have been a bit more even matched, instead of being unfairly slanted in the direction of the home team. Commonwealth Sports Turf Services could have been a great partner in getting the field ready for such a big game.

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