Latest Trends in Sports Turf Maintenance

Latest Trends in Sports Turf Maintenance


Sports Turf maintenance is a sector that is experiencing rapid changes. As technological advancements occur, they are also being experienced in the field of sports turf maintenance. As such, it is important for the stakeholders to keep pace with the latest advancements. In this article, we look at some of the latest advancements and also check out what the future holds for the sports turf maintenance sector. Keep reading to find out.

Stronger Insecticides and Efficient Disease Control Measures

Sports turf managers have reported increased disease and insect pressure affecting the quality of sports grass. Therefore, it is important for the sports turf managers to seek alternatives. The manufacturers of insecticides and researchers in the herbicides sector have to dive deeper into research to find absolute solutions. Therefore with the need for stronger and longer lasting efficacy when it comes to herbs control and insects control ion sports field, heads must get rolling to come up with the ultimate solution. Therefore the sports turf managers ought to stay up to date with the latest control measures and work with leading chemistries to come up with the latest technologies that can fight diseases and control insects.

Advancements in Grass Genetics

When it comes to the grass genetics, the sky is the limit. There are several grass varieties that are coming up on the market. In addition, breeders are looking at the performance of different grass varieties to determine if they can stand the test. Staying up to date with the latest developments will be important so as to ensure the trials that are coming up are adopted as long as they serve the purpose.

Reel Mowers Are being introduced

Sports turf managers are moving towards reel mowers as the quality of fields becomes important. The4 Reel mowers have the capacity to deliver superior quality of grass cut and offer aesthetics being sought after by many sports turf managers. Therefore we expect that soon there will be a transition from rotary mowers to the reel mowers. This is actually one of the largest product innovations is expected in the year 2018.

Data and Analytics in sports Turf Maintenance

The next wave of innovation in sports turf maintenance will revolve around data and analytics. These will help in producing consistent and high-quality sports turf making maintenance easier. For instance, we have the GPS trackers, Heart Rate Monitors, and also Accelerometers which have helped in transforming the work done by fitness coaches. Using such data for player load and fatigue management and player safety creates a mammoth industry of sports science.

These are some of the trends to look upon going forward to the near future.

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