Maintaining your Sports Turf During the Rainy Season

The sports field is important for youth, adults, and children. This is why communities, clubs, and schools choose maintenance of sports field. They are used for athletics, as baseball fields, and as soccer fields. Therefore, you will want to make sure the sports turf is maintained appropriately to enjoy a great playing season. As seasons change, you need to ensure your field is adapting to the different seasons and that you will not incur the cost of field replacement after a rainy season. In this article, we feature important tips for ensuring your sports turf is ready for the rainy season. Keep reading to find out what you should do before the rains begin and during the rainy season.

  • Make Sure the Drainage System is in good Condition

The advantage of using synthetic grass is that it offers terrific drainage. This is because of the porous nature of the artificial grass helping it to drain well. Therefore, even during the wet weather, you do not have to worry much about drainage. However, this does not mean that you do not need to mind the drainage system. To ensure that your synthetic field will have a perfect drainage, start by getting it laid perfectly. You need top contact a professional to get this right. Some sports turf managers are knowledgeable on this, but lack the appropriate equipment. That is why you require an expert.  Therefore, with a well-laid artificial grass, you should not experience drainage issues when it rains.

  • Brush Up the Artificial Grass

There is a possibility that the artificial lawn is left flattened after the heavy rains. This is the same effect the artificial grass will have when someone sleeps on the lawn. This is something that can be sorted out using the right equipment. With a brush that has soft bristles, you can effectively do this. To make sure it is done uniformly, hire a qualified artificial lawn maintenance expert. They will use appropriate equipment ensuring that the entire sports turf has a uniform look. Therefore, you will not experience a matted look on the artificial grass. Make sure you keep checking for flattened patches as this is done.

  • Get Rid of soggy Substances

There are high chances for the sports field looking soggy especially after the rains. This ends up getting stuck on the field. It can be bits of food, plastic bags or anything that can be brought to the field by the winds. It is simple to remove the pieces of rubbish that collect on the field. However some awkward things like a chewing gum gets stuck on the lawn. An expert will easily remove this leaving the ground playable.  

Those three important sports turf maintenance tips will leave the playing grounds looking good. You do not need to invest in the expensive sports maintenance equipment. Hire a qualified sports turf maintenance expert in Virginia for an excellent work. At commonwealth Sports Turf Services, we offer the best services. Contact us today!

Keith Kitchen