Make Your Athletic Field A Grass Carpet

Athletic fields use a specific type of turf that gives them a compression and static response when athletes take falls, hits or stumbles as they engage in the sport’s the fields are laid out and designed for. Essentially, an athletic field operates with a grass carpet. Maintaining and developing these grass carpets requires a few procedures that enhance the turf’s ability to grow vibrant grasses in the particular geographic region of the field.

Athletic field turf is host to very resilient grasses. These grasses have to endure the harsh conditions and frequent poundings given by the athletes during games, workouts and practices. To get a proper grass carpet for your are following ht following three key guidelines to achieve the end result.

Test For PH

Make Your Athletic Field A Grass Carpet1A turf’s pH balance is crucial to maintaining the grass carpet. Ideally, turf for the athletic field grasses needs to fall between 6 and 7 on the pH scale. To find out the pH balance of the turf being developed for the athletic grass carpet, gather several random pieces of turf and soil from the area. Samples need to be around 6 to 8 inches and around 3 inches deep. Mix these samples up into a bucket and mix thoroughly. Take a gallon readable bag and fill it approximately ¼ full with the mixed soil then our an equal amount of distilled water. Seal the bag and shake to mix the water and soil. Use a pH test strip to determine the range for the soils.

To get the field’s pH to the proper level use ammonium sulfate, a popular fertilizer than regulates pH balances. The formula is to use approximately one pound of ammonium sulfate per every 1000 square feet. Spread the ammonium sulfate over the field to be developed and run it through two full irrigation cycles. Once done, retest to ensure the pH is now at a range between 6 and 7.


Consult with a professional botanist or garden expert to find out the best gras options for your geographic area. Use a mix of the grasses noted and begin the seeding process over the athletic field. Use a professional level seed spreader to ensure even, and precise distribution of the seeds. Allow the grasses time to grow and bloom. As this is occurring run tests to check the pH and anytime the pH level falls off the 6 to 7 range, use another application of the ammonium sulfate and the irrigate.

Mowing And Maintenance

Make Your Athletic Field A Grass Carpet11To achieve the grass carpet quality, the fields must be mowed to precision heights and consistent levels. Do this yourself with calibrated garden equipment or hire it out to professional lawn and garden experts who specialize in the maintenance of athletic fields. Keeping a precise level is necessary for the grass carpet effect that is required of the athletic fields.

Once this is done, gather the team together and enjoy a well earned workout on the new grass carpet field.

Keith Kitchen