sports turf diseases

The Most Common Types of Sports Turf Diseases

Sports turf diseases can wreak havoc on your lawn. It can cause the turf to be unattractive and unusable among many other problems.


What are the signs of a sports turf diseases?


Some of the signs that you can look for when trying to identify common sports turf diseases are:


  • Discolored grass
  • Dead grass
  • Blades of grass that are shriveled or misshapen
  • Spots on blades of grass
  • Specific signs for different kinds of diseases outlined below.


Since some of these signs can come from other things such as watering too much or too little, insect infestation, weeds, etc. you should rule all of these options out before deciding that you might have some sort of sports turf or lawn disease. If you don’t see any signs that it could be one of these other reasons, check out these common sports turf diseases to better understand what problems your lawn might have.



What are the most common sports turf diseases?


1. Brown Patch/Summer Patch

        Caused by: fungus that feeds off of conditions such as damp weather and warm temperatures


        Looks like: round patches of thinning and discolored turf. If you look at each                          separate blade of grass, there will be browned spots all over them.


2. Fairy Ring/Elf Circle/Pixie Ring


      Caused by: Different kinds of fungi that inhabit the soil.


      Looks like: Can show up as either a ring of mushrooms on the turf or a ring of dead grass that is surrounding by a darker fast growing and healthy grass.


3. Dollar Spot


      Caused by: This is caused by a fungal pathogen that hurts each grass blade separately.


      Looks like: This is called the dollar spot for a reason. You can spot this disease because it looks like dollar-sized spots of dead grass.


4. Pythium Blight


      Caused by: Long periods of wetness in a warmer temperature.


      Looks like: Initially, you will see black fungus looking patches of grass that is soaking wet. You may also see the area grown over with a white fungus or   cottony material.


5. Red Thread


      Caused by: Fungus that infects blades and discolors them.


      Looks like: Burned smaller rings of grass that can either look rust or pinkish colored.


When you catch a sports turf disease, the earlier the better. This is because you will want to figure out and apply the best remedy possible as soon as possible. The more familiar you are with the differences between insect, watering, and disease symptoms – the easier it will be for you to keep an eye on your turf throughout the year. If you need more information on how to adjust your lawn care to it’s needs, please call us today at Commonwealth Sports Turf.

Keith Kitchen