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Sports Field Artificial Turf -What to Consider when Purchasing artificial turf

While installing sports field turf on your space, you need to consider more than just your budget. It is best to choose varying olive green, dark green, and lime green shades to get a lush and natural look. Ensure the turf is not entirely uniform since it adds a curb appeal.  Installing of fake turf is a wasted short term investment. Choose the original turf to ensure a durable cover on your space.

Quality of sports field artificial turf

Quality turf is likely to be more costly than the fake ones. Ensure to look for manufacturers or suppliers that have a range of products so that you can compare the different types available. A quality turf is well stitched, consistent color, and is even. It feels soft when you touch, so when buying online, requests for samples first so that you can choose according to your preference.

Pile Height

When choosing a turf, the length of the grass blades determines if it is of quality. For a natural lawn, ensure the height is height 30-37 mm. If you place furniture on the turf, a short size will work correctly. Brush the turf regularly to keep the blades upright and reduce wear out if you want a lush looking lawn to choose a tall pile height though they tend to be heavier. It causes it to bend due to gravitational pull making the lawn get a flat look as time goes by.

Density and Weight of sports field sports turf

The denser the turf, the more yarn content it has; thus, the the cost is high. In areas with heavy traffic, dense turf is more durable. It shows aesthetic appeal to the lawn, and if you can’t afford a dense turf, you can improve longevity by ensuring a sand fill. If you are installing turf on the balcony or rooftop, consider the load limit. When installing the turf at the backyard or garden, the weight does not require a lot of consideration.


Maintaining artificial turf is easy compared to maintaining natural grass. You should choose a synthetic turf depending on the time you can input in maintaining. Cheap turf requires more money to support, while expensive turf requires little maintenance. Consider the weather and the surroundings since falling debris requires more maintenance.  Some turf will require more care to handle than others, so choose what you can manage.

Color of sports field turf

Cheap turfs are likely to have single flat green shades while the actual synthetic grass contains a mixture of all greens. The green must have some brown flecks too. Ensure you get samples and place them outside to see how they complement the sun and your space. Keep away from perfect green turfs and choose the imperfect color. According to your preference, the paint must be of your liking before taking a turf that you are likely to regret later.


Artificial turf adds beauty to your space, and getting the right one for your lawn means minimal maintenance. Decide by considering the above requirements. At Commonwealth sports turf, we help you choose and install the best artificial sports field turf. Contact us today