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Sports Ground Maintenance Procedures: How to Maintain Your Sports Turf

Sports ground maintenance should be an all-year-round practice. Essentially,  it does not matter whether it is off-season or on-season. Proper maintenance of your sports ground keeps it playable and comes with other benefits. Starting from better playing conditions to the safety of your sportsmen and women, make sure you have a sports ground maintenance plan. In this post, we feature different sports ground maintenance procedures to consider.

Soil Aerification

Aerification is one of the sports turf maintenance procedures carried out during the off-season. Considering that the grassroots could become tangled causing soil compaction, you need to ensure a regular soil aerification procedure. Basically, aerification helps in making sure that the grass is getting the right amount of nutrients on a daily basis. If neglected, the compacted soil could result in drying of the natural grass. Therefore, this could force the sports ground maintenance committee into buying new patches of grass to replace the dead patches. Generally, soil aerification involves poking small holes in the soil to allow oxygen and other nutrients to pass deeper into the soil. This provides the grass with the necessary nutrients, ensuring well-balanced grass growth.

Top Dressing

Regular topdressing is another important sports ground maintenance procedure involving the use of sand, compost, or a blend of both into the existing soil profile. Generally, top dressing ensures compost gets into the root zone of the grass so that the grass will utilize the compost. Proper top dressing aids in decreasing compaction and provides a safer playing ground. Topdressing is meant to allow the grass to grow strong, healthy, and thick, and should be done by certified professionals to ensure the correct application of fertilizer. Note that using excess fertilizer could lead to PG imbalance, affecting grass growth.


How regular do you mow? Mowing is a critical sports ground maintenance procedure whether it is off-season or on-season. in that regard, proper mowing schedule puts the sports ground in a playable state and it is also important for sports ground aesthetics. The sports ground grass can grow at a significant rate so long as you provide the right environment. This includes elimination of weed to provide the grass enough nutrients for constant growth.


Often referred to as vertical mowing, verticutting is a sports ground maintenance procedure that uses a mower fitted with a reel that has short blades on it. Therefore, verticutting is not similar to aeration. The process slices and cuts into the soil allowing moisture, fertilizer, and nutrients to get to the roots removing thatch and foliage from the sports turf.

A critical benefit of verticutting is that it creates a more even look and feel of your sports turf. Overtime, verticutting helps the grass to grow thicker and healthier, improving playability.


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