Sports Turf Industry Outlook for 2015

Sports Turf Industry Outlook for 2015

No matter what kind of turf surface used by any team for their sporting fields there will have to be some kinds of general maintenance performed after each game. It is very important to have the right turf services for the type of field and finding these services should be as easy as picking up the phone and calling Commonwealth Sports Turf!

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Proper aeration of the soil in a natural turf field is very important to the turf’s ability to grow properly. This allows for air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots of the turf and provide the best growth environment for the turf. No one wants to play football on a brown field, and no one wants to watch a game on a brown field. Having a lush green field whether it is football season or baseball season can be a game changer for the home team as they will feel more important and will work their hardest to maintain that feeling.

Sports Turf Industry Outlook for 2015Core Redistribution

This is a process which uses the core pieces removed during aeration to repair any parts of the turf that may be damaged from over use, bugs, or other sources of turf damage. This process is generally better than using seed alone because this core pieces carry vital vitamins, minerals, and nitrogen which is uniform to the entire turf surface making for a better repair than using seed and fertilizer alone.

Top Dressing the turf

This is a process using compost, sand or a combination of the two to allow the soil a better absorbency rate of water and other essentials for the health and prosperity of the the turf. This surface is performed either pre or post season and provides the lawn time to grow as it needs to grow or recover from a a great and busy sporting season.


Sports Turf Industry Outlook for 2015A process used with Bermuda grass remove unwanted and unhealthy top coatings which grow yearly. This process is best left to professionals. There are many technical issues which must be taken into consideration with this type of turf services and only a professional can recommend when to perform this procedure.

Making sure the turf is perfect for the next season following a great one is a must. The playing field should always be ready for the sporting warriors to step out and feel like master of their universe. Not only does a well groomed and taken care of lawn feel great to step on but sometimes is what the great athletes need to win the game. When looking for someone to provide great turf services with great customer service look no farther than Commonwealth Sports Turf!

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