Verticutting Golf Course Maintenance

Sports Turf Maintenance Tips you Should Know

Sports Turf Maintenance Tips You Should Know


Verticutting Golf Course Maintenance
Artificial turf has become the most preferred by the sports turf managers. Ideally, the sports fields that have artificial turf don’t require too much maintenance which is cumbersome for many sports turf managers. Therefore, it becomes important that the sports turf manager should be trained on how to take good care of the artificial sports turf. In this article, we take a review on some of the most important artificial sports turf maintenance practices that sports turf managers should take note of. Keep reading to find out the sports turf maintenance basics you need to know.

Replenishing the Infill Material

Infill material is one of the factors that determine how long a sports turf will last. For the artificial sports turf to continue looking healthy and well maintained, it is important that the sports turf managers keep checking the infill material. Therefore, whether the infill material is crumb rubber, rubber/sand, mix, cork or other modern material, these should be filled often.

Consider the fact that while playing; an athlete will carry off up to four pounds of infill material during the playing season. For example, the fields used during the 2018 FIFA Worldcup in Russia should be filled again since, by the end of the tournament, the sports turf will be worn out since the athletes playing on these fields take off the infill materials. Another threat factor to the infill material is the ultraviolet rays that emanate from the sun.

By maintaining a proper amount of crumb rubber it is possible to protect the fibers from folding over which results due to a bad playing ground. Therefore to ensure that players enjoy a good playing ground, make sure that the infill material is well maintained and filled throughout the playing season.

Ensure Your Sports Ground is Well Groomed

How your sports ground is groomed is a major factor when it comes to the overall appearance of the sports ground. Ideally, players appreciate a nice looking sports ground and able to give better results. It is important that while grooming, a groomer specially made for artificial sports turf should be used. While using the groomer, avoid lowering the entire weight of the groomer onto the sports turf, unless you want to level uneven sports ground. It is also recommended that after about 150 to 200 hours of sports ground use, it is groomed appropriately.

Is your sports turf well maintained? Remember that maintaining your sports turf properly is important since it ensures that your sportsmen have a good playing ground. Overall, they will perform well and hence the sports club will win big just because of ensuring a good practicing environment and a nice, level, well maintained playing ground.

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