Spring is around the corner Preparing Baseball Fields

Spring is Around the Corner: Preparing Baseball Fields

Spring is a great time of year that many enjoy for various reasons! After a lot of months of the winter season it’s a great time one of the best past-times; spring baseball! Baseball season is approaching and it’s the absolute best time to get the field together for the new season.

Preparing Baseball Fields

Spring is around the corner Preparing Baseball Fields1The winter season can be a little tough on the baseball field… one thing is for certain, the baseball field plays a big roll in the awesome sport and you want to make sure that it’s just right when the time comes for playing on it. So, what exactly do you need to do to prepare your field for the baseball season? There are a few key things that everyone needs to make sure they do at the end of winter so their fields are right and ready for the spring baseball season.

Rolling out the field is an important step that needs to be done. During the winter months the field takes on a lot of different elements: there’s frost, snow and then melting snow. All of these elements can take a toll on the field and can cause a lot of damage if it isn’t taken care of properly. So, rolling out the field is done with a rolling machine… it’s making sure the surface is smooth and ensuring the field will be at a better quality so playing is done a lot easier. The best time to roll out the field is when it’s slightly moist; you don’t want it to be too wet or saturated with moisture because it could cause more damage to the field than you would like.

Baseball Season is Coming

Spring is Around the Corner: Preparing Baseball FieldsAnother area in which you want to address before the spring baseball season starts is the wear and tear that has occurred on the baseball field. The off-season is the best time to do any renovations or restorations to the field that may need to be done. Throughout the season there is a lot of damage that may occur to the field and you don’t want to start a new season with the same problem areas. So, you want to fix any problem areas that you will find on the field during the offseason; the most affected areas that you will generally find an issue on the field is the area in front of the pitcher’s mound, near and around the arc and alongside the baselines.

Watering the field is also an important step when you are preparing for the new season. Watering the field keeps the field having the beautiful green color and it also keeps it healthy. A healthy field is very important to a great season. But, you want to be careful… you don’t want to water the field too much. You may have to check the field to make sure the water is getting down to the depth of the roots, but you don’t want it to be any runoff while you’re watering.

You also want to make sure you mow the lawn correctly. This is considered an art form. Mowing the lawn doesn’t just give it a nice look; it also ensures that the lawn is healthy. When you’re first entering the spring season the lawn should be cut really low… this is done so the grass can be open and ready for a healthy regrowth from the beautiful sun. Once the regrowth process is complete you want to get the right height of the lawn and mow it 3-4 times a week. This will give you the healthiest grass and will have you ready for the spring season.


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