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Synthetic Sporting Turf: Why It’s The Best Option For Sporting Grounds?

Why Synthetic Sporting Turf is Safe to Players

Unlike natural grass, Synthetic Sporting Turf is easy to manage. Maintaining the sports ground at its best standards is good for the safety of players. in this post, we elaborate on what synthetic sporting turf is and why it is the best option for you.

Synthetic Sporting Turf

Artificial sporting turf includes nylon fibers attached to the porous polyethylene backing. The synthetic sporting field takes an incredible amount of use compared to the native natural grass. Here is a comparison of natural turfgrass and synthetic sporting turf.

Natural turfgrass

  • Cooler feel, particularly in the summer.
  • Softer and more forgiving.
  • Variable quality depending on the soil type and maintenance regime.
  • Traditional and severed the various sports for years.
  • Natural and calming feel.
  • Pleasant smells, e.g. freshly cut grass.
  • Visually appealing if well maintained.
  • Provides environmental benefits in terms of carbon absorption and contribution to biodiversity.

Synthetic turf

  • Consistent surface.
  • Warmer and subject to glare when sunlight is present.
  • Consistent quality and set maintenance regime.
  • Modern and innovative product.
  • Artificial and unnatural feel.
  • Strong odor particularly for synthetic turf with rubber infill.
  • Visually appealing, looks green all the time.
  • Suitable in many types of weather.
  • Durable and low maintenance.
  • Provides environmental benefits in terms of water saving and reduced maintenance.

So, What Are The Benefits Of Synthetic Sporting Turf?

1.Less Slippery 

Synthetic sporting turf provides a non-slippery surface even when it is wet. This means players can carry on with sports even when raining or after rain without worries. It is not the weather that decides when to play. The sports turf is safer and has a weather-resistant surface than natural grass. There is no pooling surface water or slippery mud. A semi-permeable membrane allows water to drain into the earth very easily.

2.Shock Absorption 

In almost every game falling to the ground is obvious. That is why many modern sports turfs are coming with shock absorbers. Shock pads are an underlay put under artificial sports turf and are made of polythene pieces stuffed together making it spongy but firm. Protection of players through shock absorbency is guaranteed through shock pads. When a player runs, jumps, or falls the weight of the body is absorbed thus injuries are not common.

3.Low Possibility of Emergence of Holes

In natural grass, holes develop when it becomes wet and players steps on the ground forcing soil to be dug. This can be a serious threat to the safety of players, they can break their legs when they step on the holes. For artificial grass, it is a different case. There is strong netting of strings, interlocked near each other making the grass very firm. In this case emergence of holes is minimal.

4.Smooth and Regular Surface 

The players are protected from the risk of injuries if the grass is perfectly uniform and smooth. This is only possible with the use of artificial sports grass since natural grass can never be regular and smooth especially if they are often played on. When a player lands on smooth and soft ground there is less possibility of breaking bones or suffering any other form of injuries unlike rough on surfaces. Artificial sports turf ground is a conducive place for new and non-experienced players to train and play too.


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