How does turf restoration affect your budget?

When one speaks of turf restoration, it is more important to have a interactive relationship with the person doing the work, then only to be concerned with the cost. The clients of Commonwealth Sports Turf in and around Midlothian, Virginia since its inception in 2003 include golf , football , polo and rugby , soccer and baseball fields. They also service county parks.

Budgeted Line Item

Sports FieldThe science of turf maintenance requires a strict attention to detail which will require a budgeted line item in the school, country club or county’s operating budget. Very few grounds people or maintenance staff have the where with all to do the day to day planning that a well kept field needs. There is a pressing need for direction as to what to do and when to do it. Yes, grounds people can cut grass effectively, but turf maintenance requires more than knowing how to cut grass.

CWST Budget


Every sports entity has a operating budget. It is essential to trust that the people you have hired to manage the appearance of the field and know what you are using the field for. A golf course needs a different kind of attention, then a polo field does. The turf in each kind of field is subject to different maintenance issues. The presence of moles, for example in a golf course, can ruin the turf. Knowing when the optimal time to fertilize, cut and water the field, also requires hands on knowledge. To save frustration, it is sometimes cheaper to have an outside company do the work required, then to ruin your playing venue, by hit and miss turf maintenance attempts.

Every turf situation is unique. When you select Commonwealth Sports Turf as the service entity for the best outcome for your field, you receive attention, especially tailored to your budget. This is done with one on one consultation, in order for you to get “the biggest bang for your buck.” If you cannot afford the top of the line treatment package, they will work with you to get the best outcome that you can realistically afford .How your field looks to the prospective users of your field will absolutely affect the volume of users that you get. So it is preventative maintenance that often is most cost effective. A field that is not optimally utilized, will not garner the necessary greens fees, that keep in this case, a golf course operational. Different fields charge fees to the users for access. In order to get these fees, a field must be one that is attractive for its potential patrons to utilize.

In conclusion if you need, turf maintenance in the Midlothian, Virginia area , the research shows that the best option is to choose an organization that is skilled in this. Commonwealth Sports Turf has been in business since 2003, and appears to be the best option for the turf maintenance of your athletic fields.

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