The Best Turf Products of 2014

The Best Turf Products of 2014?

Criteria For Buying The Best Turf Products

Golf ball on green grassGoing to a riveting sporting event promises hours of scintillating excitement and for players, coaches and spectators, every facet of the event has to be beyond reproach. The best turf products of 2014 have undergone intense research. This ensures that each sporting event is played fairly and safely and that high quality results are achieved on beautiful fields which enhance the entire event for players and spectators.

The turf surface for a sport field is important because the height and condition of the turf can determine ball response and ultimately how the game is played. FIFA for instance, as the world governing body of football, adheres to recognized international standards for their turf, and one of these is that they use real turf which meets with stringent quality criteria.

Different Criteria For Selecting Sports Grasses

Adaptability To An Area – turf will only grow properly in an area that has the correct temperature range the best turf recovers fast from the traffic damage caused by participants

Suitability Of A Particular Species To The Sport – some grasses grow well at higher mowing heights while others handle low mowing. Tennis for example is played at different grass heights to soccer. The best turf products of 2014 offer optimum playing comfort as well as maximum safety for players, low maintenance costs and longevity.

So Much Goes Into Turf on Which Champions Play

Schools, sport clubs, golf courses…you name it, they worry about providing decent fields that can enhance the game. Will the root depth of grass, the soil compaction, the amount of rain the area receives, the particularly heavy traffic areas be able to cope with the needs of the sports people?

Understanding the Science Behind Beautiful, Healthy Turf

The Best Turf Products of 2014What about the color of the turf? Nobody wants to play on yellow, dry grass. What about fertilization, aeration and watering? After all good sport facilities are fundamental for all the games people play and give good return on the time and money invested in them. Commonwealth Sports Turf Services have combined sports turf experience of some 30 years and their creative and innovative turf surfaces ensure pristine fields. They understand the science behind natural turf; they understand the different soils, drainage systems and how the turf surface depends on the health of the grass.

Without excellent knowledge on turf, the grass won’t thrive and it certainly will not be able to recover from the stress of play. The best turf products of 2014 are able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Commonwealth Sports Turf Services offer improvements in grass breeding with advances in drainage and nutrition, and with their knowledge on turf, they offer sportsmen amazing experiences on the field.