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The Commonwealth Games Federation Guidelines and  Sports Turf Maintenance

The Commonwealth Games Federation Guidelines and  Sports Turf Maintenance

In the previous posts, we have talked about how well-maintained sports field is good for the performance of sportsmen/women. Basically, we covered why investing in sports turf maintenance is worth your time and commitment. Now, I would like us to change our attention and review some examples of a well-maintained sports field.  To do this, we will pay attention to the venues where the 2018 Commonwealth games took place.  If its news to you, the 2018 commonwealth games commonly referred to as XXI Commonwealth Games were hosted by Australia and they took place at Gold Coast.

The Commonwealth Games Federation outlines various guidelines to be followed when selecting the venues where the games will be played. They consider athletes needs, the technical specifications, the venues seating capacity, and the games-time logistics.  One of the key technical aspect to be awarded the bid is ensuring over 80 percent of planned venues are ready.  Gold Coast city successful bid was because the city had 80% of the planned venues ready to host the games. Most of the sports venues used for the games are within 20 minutes drive.

Review of Maintenance of Carrara Stadium-the Main Venue for 2018 Commonwealth Games

The commercial name is Metricon Stadium. This is the main sporting field where the opening ceremony for the 2018 commonwealth games was held. The stadium received a major uplifting in 2009 and the demolition of the old stadium started. Grandstands and construction of the sports ground began in 2010. The turf was laid in April 2011. Ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth games, the contractor installed a temporal 400 meters track and the seating capacity was increased by 10000 seats. During the games, the stadium could host up to 35,000 spectators.

So, what can we learn from the Commonwealth games venue selection? It is important for the management of any sports ground to pay attention to maintenance of the sports turf. It’s not only the sports turf that requires proper maintenance. It is absolutely necessary for the other aspects to be considered. These include proper lighting at the sports arena, the seating capacity to ensure maximum spectators are comfortable at the venue and lastly the convenience of the athletes participating in the games.

Does your sports ground require proper maintenance? Or probably you need a good upgrade. Remember that Carrara stadium was upgraded just before the games and an ongoing maintenance program was in place. Hire Commonwealth Sports Turf maintenance services to ensure the athletics track is well maintained. We offer Turf Installation in Virginia.

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