Tips on How to maintain Your Artificial Sports Turf in Rainy Season

Tips on How to maintain Your Artificial Sports Turf in Rainy Season

Is your artificial sports turf ready for the rainy season? One of the frequently asked questions when it comes to sports turf maintenance relates to ensuring the artificial grass is on top condition during the rainy seasons. By hiring professional sports turf maintenance professionals you will not need to worry about your sports ground the forthcoming rainy season. Here are some important tips to have in mind.

  1. Ensure you have a Proper Drainage system

A great advantage of the artificial grass is that it offers you a terrific drainage during the wet weather. Even when the rains are heavy, there is no risk of big puddles of the water forming and staying there in the way that it happens on the natural rainy. This will be better if you consider having a drainage done right. Ensure that the drainage around the sports ground is done right. This is something that can be done from the time of preparing the sports ground before installation of artificial grass or even later when the artificial grass is laid. Provided you have the best equipment to ensure minimal damage on the artificial lawn, you will be able to enjoy a great playing season even during the rainy seasons.

  • Brush the Artificial Grass Upright if Need be

A period of heavy rains might possibly leave your artificial sports ground flattened. This will most likely happen when a heavy object or someone is lying on the grass. Grass can also be flattened by sustained rain. Groom the artificial grass using the recommended brushes to ensure it looks great even after heavy rains. Ensure you keep an eye for any flattened patches and fix them quickly as you can. This ensures that your artificial grass looks health and also it is well maintained.

  • Get Rid of Soggy Stuff that Gets Stuck

During the rainy season, there is a high likelihood that it will get soggy and ends up stuck to the grass. This can be waste bags, bits of snacks left behind by fans, leaves from surrounding trees or flowers around the pitch, or any other objects. These are a big risk especially when players are back on pitch. Get rid of these immediately to ensure the sports ground is safe for the players.

  • Hire a Professional

Professional artificial sports turf maintenance agencies have what it takes for proper sports turf maintenance. By hiring a professional, you are guaranteed a top look for your sports turf. At Commonwealth Sports Turf Services, we offer professional sports turf maintenance. Contact us today for a free quotation.

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