What Composes the Top Putting Green Turf?

Top Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf over Natural Grass

Artificial turf consists of synthetic fibers that look like natural glass. Some rocks are between three-fourths to three-eighths, which blend perfectly with the artificial sub-base grass. They are typically used on residential lawns, an arena for sports e.g., football and basketball, and applied to commercials.  Cleary, it stands out and is a good investment for your Space. Below are the cons of using artificial turf.

1.   Your Space becomes Weed-free.

The unwanted growth of unnecessary plants becomes rare. You might have to pull them out as time goes by, but they are less than having a natural lawn. You are easily able the save the cost of weeding since they are controllable. Time used in weed plugging is usable on other activities instead of using your energy on it.

2.   Artificial Turf is Very Durable

Materials used to make the artificial turf adhere to every kind of traffic keep up with climate changes and are favorable on weather changes. For many years, it will withstand the tear and wear on it. The fibers being stable ensure the color is permanent since it is ultraviolet ray exposure.

3.   Saves Water

A natural lawn requires a lot of maintenance, including watering in the morning and in the evening. The water bill reduces since it doesn’t need water for survival. The artificial lawn needs water during cleaning only to get the dirt off it. It is ideal for places with severe drought.

4.   Low-cost maintenance

The natural lawn keeps growing and thus needs high maintenance. The artificial turf is plastic; therefore, no growth requires. It means that the only time it needs care is when the debris needs clearance. A variety of patterns are available to cut and adjust to shaping your preference.

5.   Good looking

It resembles a real natural lawn. The green color makes it conspicuous, and minimal effort is needed to keep it great looking. It is beautiful, and you can spend time playing on it with your family and friends without dealing with the grass allergy.

6.   Kids and Pet Friendly

It is antibacterial, thus preventing the spread of germs and bacteria to the children and your pet. While maintaining a natural lawn, products can react with the kid’s body, which is impossible on artificial grounds. Being on it is an assurance of safety, and you don’t have to fear exposure to harmful products.

7.   Chemical and Fertilizers Free

Since it doesn’t grow, it remains intact. Fertilizers harm the environment since they are mostly appliable to the natural lawn. It is free of toxin and remains perfect without the use of chemicals.

8.   Pressure resistant

The pressure caused by natural grass while walking is unlike on artificial turf. The turf blade bounces back and remains intact and upright as long as the filler is perfect. Foot traffic, bare or ruts that quickly cause pathways, is impossible in this case.

The artificial turf is easy to install and blends perfectly with your Space. In case you are tired of grass all over, this is the perfect alternative for you.