Top Dressing Uneven Lawns

Top Dressing Uneven Lawns

Top dressing adds layers of fine quality soil to the surface of the lawn thereby building the quality of the underlying soil overtime and may allow the soil ability to retain more moisture and also drain better allowing for proper root development. Top dressing an uneven lawn helps get rid of any lumps and bumps by filling any hollows on the lawn surface. Another great benefit of lawn top dressing is that it stimulates the turf to produce new shoots resulting in denser grass.

Different sporting complexes need to take care of their grounds to ensure they remain in top quality and the turf remains strong. Any sport complex director needs to ensure that their grounds are flawless and good looking but at the same time ensuring the players safety.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Turf Services Offered By Common Wealth Sports Turf Services:

  • Golf course grounds.
  • Baseball fields.
  • High school sports grounds.
  • Rugby and soccer fields.
  • Polo fields.
  • Country parks.

Commonwealth sports services works in collaboration with the directors, superintendents and maintenance department heads of the above institutions to ensure that the grounds are well maintained and up to standard.

Methods Used By Common Wealth Turf Services

  • Top Dressing Uneven LawnsThis is the first step and is conducted to know the needs of the soil bed in question. The study helps to identify the soil composition as well as what needs to be improved. A recommendation is then made on what needs to be done to ensure the soil is able to support high quality sports turf. This study will then be an annual process to evaluate that year’s performance and plan for what need to be improved.
  • Determining a nutrient plan. Once the soil study results are received then a plan is personalized based on the soil needs. This covers what chemicals are needed and how often it will be needed.
  • Scheduling mechanical services. The top dressing team will come up with a mechanical schedule for the grounds depending on the condition of the surfaces.
  • Strategy meetings. Each month a meeting is scheduled between the client and a representative from common wealth sports turf services to review the site and address rising concerns.

Top Dressing Uneven LawnsUneven lawns are a problem to every manager as it affects the quality of play and may lead to injuries to players. Repairing such uneven lawns may seem like a difficult task but common wealth sports turf has the solutions to all this problems. The top dressing of the uneven lawn will be tailored based on the level of depressions in the lawn to achieve the best results.

Any manager, director or superintendent looking for long lasting and vibrant looking fields should get in touch with a representative so he can have their ground look at and advised on what is needed. If the grass has problems growing or you have water pooling in certain areas of the ground when it rains then that should be looked at and therefore one has the best expertise to have handle such issues than common wealth turf services who offer products and services that are unparrarelled.

Some Of The Benefits Of Top Dressing Turf Include:

  • It keeps the turf aerated and gets rid of dangerous dips and bumps.
  • It improves the drainage of the turf.
  • It strengthens the root system of the turf.
  • It makes the lawn appear more appealing.

With the level of expertise and experience acquired by commonwealth sports turf services mangers will not only have professional looking lawns but also ensure safety of the players which is the most important.

Keith Kitchen