What Too Much Rain Can Do To Your Turf


Rain is usually a good thing! In fact, it’s a great thing as it means that you don’t have to manually water your turf. However, there are cons to a lot of rain as well.


What can too much rain do to my turf?


Too much rain can put stress on your lawn. If submerged in water too long, your lawn can be more susceptible to many problems that will weaken the grass and the roots – causing less beautiful, lush, green turf. This means problems such as root rot, soil compaction, pest infestation, and other lawn diseases.




How can I help my turf recover when it rains too much?


It isn’t the end of the world if it has been raining too much in your area. However, it does mean that some extra upkeep will be necessary in order to get your lawn back to a healthy, normal point.

As the rain starts:

Turn off your watering system. Your grass will already be getting plenty of rain, so it’s important not to overdo it even more by adding to the problem. Let the grass soak up the water it needs from the rain, and take care of any excess there might be afterward.


After the rain stops:

Make sure to keep off the grass if it’s soggy or there are big puddles. Stepping all over it can rip the blades and roots up and leave your grass unappealing, uneven, and torn up. Also make sure to clear away any debris that might have been washed up on top of your lawn. If you let these stay on the lawn, they might help in growing fungus or starting lawn diseases faster. If your lawn is yellow after the rain, add some extra fertilizer to boost the nutrients that the water might have washed away.


In the future before it rains:

Before it rains again, you can take some steps to preventing these problems from happening again. One of the first things you can do is to install a French Drain in order to redirect water away from a location. Another option is to raise your beds so that puddling is not as much of a problem. It is also important to make sure that you are practicing proper upkeep with your lawn and keeping it at the right height as well as aerating the area if compacted. These two things will help with water retention levels when it does decide to rain excessively.


If you have any questions about turf upkeep or need help after it has rained too much, give us a call today at Common Wealth Sports Turf.

Keith Kitchen