What You Need To Know About Artificial Sports Turf

What You Need To Know About Artificial Sports Turf


Sports field can be made of artificial sports turf or the naturally grown turf. The maintenance of the two has some similarities and differences too. For those who would like to have their athletics field covered with artificial turf, it is important to take into consideration different maintenance factors. Most importantly, it is good to have a general knowledge of the artificial sports turf before settling on using it. Here are some basic things you need to know about artificial turf.


The History of Artificial Turf


Go to most sporting events and you will notice that the artificial turf is becoming the norm in pitches and also backyards. It remains a fantastic choice for most sports turf managers but not many understand how it came to be. Here is a brief sneak view of the history of artificial sports turf.


In the early 60`s companies started small projects to experiment artificial grass as an offshoot of carpeting. At the same time, most pitch managers were experiencing challenges on sports turf management. The grass was not growing well due to lack of enough light and at the same time during winter it was a challenge. Therefore grass would die and they had to find alternative places to host games. At some point, they were forced to use green paint to make the fields look normal.


With the experiments on artificial grass going on, the results were impressive and the first artificial sports turf was established. Then they called it chem. Grass. The benefits they ripped from the artificial turf led to replication of the same to other places. Here are the benefits associated with artificial sports turf and the reasons for the great adoption.


Less Maintenance is Required Compared to Natural Grass


If the artificial sports turf is up to the required standards, there is very little you need to do in terms of maintenance. Number one, you don’t need watering and therefore it saves you water bills. Secondly, you don’t need mowing and therefore you will not need any labor cost associated with mowing natural turf. In case of debris, you also don’t need to worry about it since all you need is a perfect brush.


Artificial sports Turf Doesn’t Dry up


With covered sports pitches, it is hard to get enough light on the pitch. Therefore the natural grass doesn’t look as healthy and therefore you are forced to keep re-seeding the grass which eventually turns out to be a battle of wits. In such circumstances, adoption of artificial sports turf will be the best option.


Artificial Sports Turf offers Players a Soft Surface


Just like your natural grass, the artificial sports turf has a soft feeling and therefore you don’t have to worry about how the players will feel on the sports pitch. All you need to do is make sure no debris and stones land on the sports turf. Therefore even if players fall as they play, the artificial turf doesn’t cause any harm.


The sports that benefit mostly from artificial turf include baseball, football, field hockey, soccer and tennis. There is a wide choice available for you to consider when it comes to artificial turf. When choosing the artificial turf to buy, consider the sports that will be played on the turf. For expert advice, you can contact us on https://cwsportsturf.com/.


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