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Proper maintenance of artificial sports turf entails several important considerations.  You need to ensure that you keep the sports turf clean , and well prepared  for the match day. Let us look at the artificial sports turf maintenance tips.

Regular Sports Turf Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the artificial sports turf is important in order to get rid of any kind of objects which may cause the players to trip on.  Do not forget that sports turf also contributes to spread of diseases. Consider that different people are accessing the sports turf particularly during seasonal games. The players who use the sports turfs are prone to bacteria. Therefore, regular cleaning will contribute to disinfection and sanitizing of the sports turf.

Water the Artificial Sports Turf To keep it Cool

Next up is watering the field to cool the temperature around the turf. This is done mostly in hot summer days when the sports turfs get so hot. Therefore, there is need to keep the field cool so that the players are much more comfortable while playing game

Ensure Regular Repairs to Avoid Defaced Sports Turf

Keep in mind the importance of regular sports turf upkeep , to prevent wearing out and becoming useless.  Consider that as players kick the ball, some parts are likely to be knocked off. If left un attended, this can result into a seriously defaced sports turf, leaving your sports ground undesirable to the players and the governing bodies. For commercial sports field, this is costly as you will not have revenues.

Consider infill when necessary

 Regular evenness testing of the surface  is important. An uneven playing surface is a major cause of injuries, hindering the performance of players. Thus, with the replacement of infill you can get rid of any holes in the field. These holes make the field rating to decrease considerably.  

Brush the Sports Turf to keep the turf fibers clean

The Sports turf should be brushed regularly. This is in order to keep the turf fibers in one position. You should do this at least it once a week, or even a month depending the use of the turf,. Brushing the sports turf helps to get rid of little objects like sunflower seeds and gum can be a big problem. Therefore, using a vacuum cleaner is quite handy!

Provide dust bins / trash Cans

To prevent dirt and waste disposal by the players or even spectators, ensure trashcans are placed strategically. If you are expecting a big crowd, placing scraper mats for players to remove any debris from their shoes before entering the field, the players can be requested to make sure they do not dispose gum or wraps anyhow.

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