When to keep Field Maintenance In House and when to hire a Pro

When to keep Field Maintenance In House and when to hire a Pro


A well-maintained field translates into good performance. Proper field maintenance requires money, time, and expertise. For most schools, athletics field managers, and golf course owners, in-house maintenance is sufficient because it is less demanding in terms of money and expertise. However, hiring pros to maintain fields should not be overlooked. Below is a guideline on when to keep field maintenance in-house and when to hire a pro.

When to keep field maintenance in-house and when to hire a pro

When to keep Field Maintenance In House and when to hire a ProIn-house maintenance can be economical as compared to hiring pros. However, the main barrier is the equipment required to keep the field in good shape. Depending on the tools your company or school has, the cost of buying equipment may range from $30,000 to $90,000. This is a lot of money especially for schools to spend at a go. Thus, hiring pros who already have the expertise and equipment is always a viable option. However, if the in-house department has enough funds to purchase the equipment, the initial investment saves a great deal of resources that could have been used to hire pros now and then.

Whether to consider in-house or pro field conservation, depends on your budget. If you are working on a tight budget, your level of conservation will modest. For example, municipalities are funded by the department of public works. Therefore, municipality workers can maintain the fields but they should hire pros to offer their expertise once in a while.

Moreover, when working on a budget, you can hire pros to concentrate on various elements. Though it may be cheaper to go for a complete package, you should consider what you have. If your resources can only cater for various elements, direct them to seasonal field maintenance that may require specialized equipment and proficiency.

When to keep Field Maintenance In House and when to hire a ProSynthetic turf fields are becoming common in Virginia. They have particular maintenance requirements that must be adhered to. Thus, for such installations, a workable field maintenance plan should be considered, and pros must be hired to offer expertise guidance and equipment that schools and companies may lack. They undertake cultural practices and professional mowing.

It is crucial to have a permanent field contractor that you can rely on when unexpected field problems occur. You may have an annual field aeration and control contract but when a fungus problem occurs, they should be in a position to assist professionally. The in-house crew should handle less intensive conservation tasks such as lining and mowing.


The decision to hire a pro or maintain in-house field maintenance is never easy. You must understand your fields’ conservation requirements, resources, and purpose to make the right decision. Do thorough research before hiring pro field maintainers. If you prefer to keep things in-house, consider training your staff members on how to keep the fields well maintained.

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