Who Needs Turf Services

Who Needs Turf Surfaces?

When asking yourself who needs turf surfaces, the basic answer is that you need them, depending on your profession! If you are a groundskeeper, superintendent at a golf course and club, or run a high school or college athletics field, than you could use turf service. This includes analysis, soil study, fertilization, and cutting services such as top dressing and aerating.

Faster Rolls & Better Breathing

We all love the view and performance of Bermuda turf, however with normal yard cutting and discharging of the grass upon the lawn, we yield to the inevitable and let nature take its course of growth and decay until it is time to wield our push mowers and garden tractors for another cut of growth in a few days. The science of verticutting does not yield to the inevitable. Layers of grass clippings slowly decaying form a type of matt which actually stifles more grass growth. Properly removing that matt and thinning active blades of grass, allow for more grass rooting to occur and allows the grass to breathe better and balls to roll more evenly. Commonwealth Sports Turf wants both the turf to be spectacular and ball performance to be outstanding. Before Peyton Manning and Drew Brees stroll out onto the field, they became the beneficiaries of companies like Commonwealth Sports Turf and so do Virginians. The first place to envision your diamond or gridiron is also the best.

Channeling The GrassWho Needs Turf Services Golf

The American playing field, public parks and specialized outdoor venues have come a long way since dusting off an empty lot beside the gas station or supermarket in town. Thanks to innovations such as top dressing, the soil is blessed with more of the nutrients it needs along with increased oxygen. The science of this technology lies in the insertion of sand or compost (sometimes even a blending of the two) into the soil. These elements create a channel making it easier for air, water and nutrients to do their job. Besides properly feeding the soil, this insertion of sand or compost creates an additional benefit for the player by keeping the soil from becoming hard-packed and perhaps just a bit softer to land on. That’s what Commonwealth Sports Turf does. In Virginia, they transform ordinary land into extraordinary experiences. Photos and contact information can be gathered at http://www.cwsportsturf.com.

A Misconception Worth Poking Holes Into

It is a commonly held belief that the two times of the year that lawn aeration should take place is during the spring and fall. While it is true that during those times the soil and weather conditions are generally optimal for aeration, reserving such practices for just twice a year might just be a mistake. Sometimes the soil gets so hard-packed through constant use or climate conditions that a process known as deep tine aeration is greatly needed. Using a machine that moves at under two miles per hour, solid core tines that are several inches to nearly a foot in length and spaced just a few inches apart are inserted into the ground with great force. This plan for turf maintenance creates a grid of holes in the ground that feed the ground what it needs to remain healthy. But it should be utilized as necessary which is decided by soil compaction and how much use the ground is enduring throughout the season. Whether it’s poking holes into myths or the ground in Virginia, landowners want Commonwealth Sports Turf creating a beautiful landscape out of their ordinary ground.

Before Hitting The Soil, It’s Time To Hit The Books

Books Turf

For all the expense that is placed into America’s turfs today, it is not wise to just roll up the equipment and begin raking, aerating, mowing, clipping or performing any other activity until a study is made of the soil. Will soil change that much from season to season? Probably not. But even slight shifts in soil composition that occur over time will show up later in coming months and years when the turf is harder to maintain or becomes less effective over time. If the university, high school, public sports field or park has never installed turf before, then a proper soil study is mandatory. Acquiring a proper soil sample/study will provide the new turf owner with what he needs to process with a qualified turf installer. Such an installer like Commonwealth Sports Turf can build the right profile for the organization needing new turf and they are based regionally right here in Virginia. Commonwealth Sports Turf has 31 years of combined experience and is a leader in their field.

A Properly Balanced Turf

Your car needs the right balance of fluids such as oil, gas, coolant, etc. The body needs water, proper minerals and vitamins to operate effectively and remain healthy. If the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence then it is likely that there is an owner on that side of the fence that takes his lawn so seriously that he can tell any visitor about the chemicals and the pH balance of his yard. Commonwealth Sports Turf is just as dedicated when it comes to being green, lean and mean. Before the first patch of turf is even installed, the new owner will know for sure just what his soil is truly made of. Yes, it’s dirt, but match the wrong type of turf and maintenance methods with that dirt and that owner might just as well lay down twenty dollar bills and water them and pray they become functional grass. When the team from Commonwealth Sports Turf comes to install someone’s ‘Field of Dreams,’ they will display all the wonderful models of turf available. Before the next Russell Wilson or Tiger Woods takes the field however, it all starts with carefully taking the right type of samples to study. These and other turf processes are seen at Commonwealth sports Turf Surfaces, Contact Us for more information!

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