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Why Should I Use Sports Turf?

Sports turf is an artificial option to use on playing fields rather than real grass. This turf can be installed on a multitude of fields and can come in many different types based on the sport being played.


Installing synthetic turf can have many positive outcomes such as less cost, maintenance, and increased playability. If you are considering using sports turf, read below for some more information as well as considerations!


It costs less.

By installing sports turf, you no longer have to worry about constant expensive maintenance and labor such as fertilizing, watering, mowing, pest control, and seeding, and repainting of lines. While artificial turf does require maintenance, it is much less work and expense than natural grass.

It saves water.

Sports turf saves water in comparison to the needs of natural grass. The Synthetic Turf Council states that “depending on the region of the country, a typical grass sports field requires between 500,000 to a million gallons of water or more each year. [And that] during 2010, between four to eight billion gallons of water were conserved through [turf] use”.

It helps to decrease injuries.

Having natural grass means a field that can get torn up through play and be ruined in rain. These problems can result in slippery areas of mud, sitting water, or even potholes that can cause sprained ankles as well as many other types of injuries. Without these complications, many injuries are avoided.

It doesn’t need pesticides.

Simply put, sports turf doesn’t need pesticides like natural grass does! This is great for the health of the players, the environment, as well as the cost of the owner. The Synthetic Turf Council says that “the EPA has identified runoff of toxic pesticides and fertilizers as a principal cause of water pollution” and that “synthetic turf eliminates the need for nearly a billion pounds of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides which are used to maintain grass”.


It increases playability.

As previously stated, natural grass can be greatly affected by the weather around it. When it rains too much, players either cannot play or are in danger or getting injured. However, if sports turf is installed, it creates a field that can be played any time of the year in any weather condition. Sports turf durability is much higher, therefore giving players year round access to their fields.


If you have more questions about sports turf and if it is the right choice for you, contact Commonwealth Sports Turf Services today!

Keith Kitchen